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Miller, Bobbi.   The Girls of Gettysburg
Pickett's Charge, one of the bloodiest battles of the Civil War, is the climax of this Civil War adventure, told from the perspective of three girls: a Union loyalist, a free Black, and a girl from Virginia who disguised herself as a boy to fight in the Confederate Army.


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Westerick, A. B.   Brotherhood

"The year is 1867, and the South has lost the Civil War. Those on the lowest rungs, like Shad's family, fear that the freed slaves will take the few jobs available. In this climate of despair and fear, a group has formed. Today we know it as the KKK"—


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Calkhoven, Laurie.   Will at the Battle of Gettysburg, 1863

In 1863, twelve-year-old Will, who longs to be a drummer in the Union army, is stuck in his sleepy hometown of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, but when the Union and Confederate armies meet right there in his town, he and his family are caught up in the fight. Includes historical notes, glossary, and a timeline of events.


Kluger, Jeffrey.   Freedom Stone
With the help of a magical stone from Africa, a thirteen-year-old slave travels to the battle of Vicksburg to clear her father's name and free her family from bondage.


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Polacco, Patricia.   Just in Time, Abraham Lincoln

When two brothers visit a museum in Harper's Ferry, West Virginia, with their grandmother, they find themselves in a very realistic Civil War setting where they see the Antietam battlefield and meet historical figures from the aftermath of that momentous battle. Includes author's note on the Battle of Antietam.


Rinaldi, Ann.   The Last Full Measure
In 1863 Pennsylvania, fourteen-year-old Tacy faces the horrors of the Battle of Gettysburg while trying to stay out of the way of her brother David, who is in charge while their father serves as a doctor in the Union army, and to keep her friend Marvelous, a free black, safe from rebel soldiers.


Hemphill, Michael and Sam Riddleburger.   Stonewall Hinkleman and the Battle of Bull Run
While participating in a reenactment of the Battle of Bull Run, twelve-year-old Stonewall Hinkleman is transported back to the actual Civil War battle by means of a magic bugle.


Myers, Walter Dean.   Riot
In 1863, fifteen-year-old Claire, the daughter of an Irish mother and a black father, faces ugly truths and great danger when Irish immigrants, enraged by the Civil War and a federal draft, lash out against blacks and wealthy "swells" of New York City.


Philbrick, Rodman.   The Mostly True Adventure of Homer P. Figg  
Twelve-year-old Homer, a poor but clever orphan, has extraordinary adventures after running away from his evil uncle to rescue his brother, who has been sold into service in the Civil War. Newbery Honor Book, 2010.


Rinaldi, Ann.   Leigh Ann’s Civil War
Recounts the experiences of a spunky young girl, just eleven when the Civil War breaks out, as she watches her brothers go to war, helps care for her mentally ill father, and falls in love with a boy determined to be a soldier. Includes historical notes.


Rinaldi, Ann.   My Vicksburg
During the siege of Vicksburg, thirteen-year-old Claire Louise struggles with difficult choices when family and friends join opposing sides of the war.


Bruchac, Joseph.   March Toward the Thunder
Louis Nollette, a fifteen-year-old Abenaki Indian, joins the Irish Brigade in 1864 to fight for the Union in the Civil War. Based on the author's great-grandfather; includes author's note.


Rinaldi, Ann.   Juliet’s Moon
In Missouri in 1863, twelve-year-old Juliet Bradshaw learns to rely on herself and her brother, a captain with Quantrill’s Raiders, as she sees her family home burned, is imprisoned by Yankees, and then kidnapped by a blood-crazed Confederate soldier.


iron thunder

Avi.   Iron Thunder: the battle between the Monitor & the Merrimac:  a Civil War novel
After his father is killed during the Civil War, thirteen-year-old Tom takes on a job to at the ironworks to support his family, and finds himself a target of ruthless spies when he begins assisting with the ironclad ship the "Monitor."


come juneteenth

Rinaldi, Ann.   Come Juneteenth
Fourteen-year-old Luli and her family face tragedy after failing to tell their slaves that President Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation made them free.


red moon at sharpsburg

Wells, Rosemary.   Red Moon At Sharpsburg
Finding courage she never thought she had, a young Southern girl musters the strength and wit to survive the ravages of the Civil War and keep her family together through it all.


my last skirt

Durrant, Lynda.   My Last Skirt: the story of Jennie Hodgers, Union soldier                                                                                   
Enjoying the freedom afforded her while dressing as a boy in order to earn higher pay after emigrating from Ireland, Jennie Hodgers serves in the 95th Illinois Infantry as Private Albert Cashier, a Union soldier in the American Civil War.


hearts of stone

Ernst, Kathleen.   Hearts of Stone
Orphaned when her father dies fighting for the Union and her mother expires from exhaustion, and also estranged from their Confederate neighbors, fifteen-year-old Hannah struggles to find a way for her family to survive during the Civil War in Tennessee.


the passage

Killgore, James.   The Passage
Fifteen-year-old Mississippi schoolboy Sam Wood learns about honor, courage, and friendship while serving on a Confederate ironclad gunboat, the CSS Arkansas, in the early days of the Civil War.


deep cut

Spain, Susan Rosson.   The Deep Cut                                               
Considered "slow" by his father, Lonzo tries his best to help his family in Culpeper, Virginia, during the Civil War and, in the process, comes to some decisions about how to live his life.


Myers, Anna.   Assassin
In alternating passages, a young White House seamstress named Bella and the actor John Wilkes Booth describe the events that lead to the latter's assassination of Abraham Lincoln.


Denslow, Sharon Phillips.   All Their Names Were Courage: a novel of the Civil War
In 1862, as William Burd fights in the Civil War, he exchanges letters with his sister, Sallie, who is also writing to Confederate and Union generals asking about their horses in order to write a book.


Hahn, Mary Downing.    Hear The Wind Blow
With their mother dead and their home burned, a thirteen-year-old boy and his little sister set out across Virginia in search of relatives during the final days of the Civil War.


Hite, Sid.   The Journal of Rufus Rowe: a witness to the Battle of Fredericksburg
In 1862, sixteen-year-old Rufus Rowe runs away from home and settles in Fredericksburg, Virginia, where he documents in his journal the battle he watches unfold there.



Reeder, Carolyn.   Before the Creeks Ran Red
Through the eyes of three different boys, three linked novellas explore the tumultuous times beginning with the secession of South Carolina and leading up to the first major battle of the Civil War.


Boy of Chancellorville

Marten, James.   The Boy of Chancellorville and Other Civil War Stories
A collection of stories by American authors set during the Civil War reveal the conflict's effects on children of differing viewpoints, ages, genders, races, and locations, and includes brief introductions to place each story in literary context and explain the author's connection to the war.
(Short Stories Collection)



Rinaldi, Ann.   Numbering All the Bones
"It is 1864, the Civil War is moving toward an end. President Lincoln has proclaimed his 'great measure,' and Southern slaves are slowly gaining their freedom. But for thirteen-year-old Eulinda, a house slave on a Georgia plantation, it is the most difficult time of her life..."



ghost soldier

Alphin, Elaine Marie.   Ghost Soldier
Alexander, in North Carolina while his father decides whether to remarry and move there, meets the ghost of a Confederate soldier and helps him look for his family.



Matas, Carol.   The War Within: a novel of the Civil War
 In 1862, after Union forces expel Hannah's family from Holly Springs, Mississippi, because they are Jews, Hannah reexamines her views regarding slavery and the war.



Rinaldi, Ann.   Girl in Blue
To escape an abusive father and an arranged marriage, fourteen-year-old Sarah, dressed as a boy, leaves her Michigan home to enlist in the Union Army, and becomes a soldier on the battlefields of Virginia as well as a Union spy working in the house of Confederate sympathizer Rose O'Neal Greenhow in Washington, D.C.



Ernst, Kathleen.   Retreat From Gettysburg
 In 1863, during the tense week after the Battle of Gettysburg, a Maryland boy faces difficult choices as he is forced to care for a wounded Confederate officer while trying to decide if he himself should leave his family to fight for the Union.



Lyons, Mary E. & Muriel M. Branch.   Dear Ellen Bee: a Civil War scrapbook of two Union spies
 A scrapbook kept by a young black girl details her experiences and those of the older white woman, "Miss Bet," who had freed her and her family, sent her north from Richmond to get an education, and then worked to bring an end to slavery.  Based on the life of Elizabeth Van Lew.



Banks, Sara Harrell.   Abraham’s Battle : a novel of Gettysburg
In 1863, as the Civil War approaches his home in Gettysburg and he realizes that a big battle is about to begin, a freed slave named Abraham decides to join the ambulance corps of the Union Army.



Crist-Evans, Craig.   Moon Over Tennessee: a boy’s Civil War journal
A thirteen-year-old boy sets off with his father from their farm in Tennessee to join the confederate forces on their way to fight at Gettysburg.  Told in the form of diary entries.



Hesse, Karen.   A Light in the Storm: the Civil War diary of Amelia Martin
In 1860 and 1861, while working in her father's lighthouse on an island off the coast of Delaware, fifteen-year old Amelia records in her diary how the Civil War is beginning to devastate her divided state.



Pinkney, Andrea Davis.   Silent Thunder: a Civil War story
In 1862 eleven-year-old Summer and her thirteen-year-old brother Rosco take turns describing how life on the quiet Virginia plantation where they are slaves is affected by the Civil War.



Rinaldi, Ann.   Amelia’s War
When a Confederate general threatens to burn Hagerstown, Maryland, unless it pays an exorbitant ransom, twelve-year-old Amelia and her friend find a way to save the town.


diary of a drummer boy

Brill, Marlene Targ.   Diary of a Drummer Boy
The fictionalized diary of a twelve-year-old boy who joins the Union army as a drummer, and ends up fighting in the Civil War.


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Murphy, Jim.   The Journal of James Edmond Pease, a Civil War Union Soldier
James Edmond, a sixteen-year-old orphan, keeps a journal of his experiences and those of "G" Company which he joined as a volunteer in the Union army during the Civil War.



Paulsen, Gary.   Soldier’s Heart
Eager to enlist, fifteen-year-old Charley has a change of heart after experiencing both the physical horrors and mental anguish of Civil War combat.



Hoobler, Dorothy & Thomas.   Sally Bradford: the story of a Rebel girl
A young girl experiences the cruelty, danger, and destruction of the Civil War in Virginia.



Johnson, Nancy.   My Brother’s Keeper: a Civil War story
As a young orphaned drummer boy in the Civil War, Josh Parrish joins the 20th Maine in time to be caught up in the battle for Little Round Top.



Reeder, Carolyn.   Across the Lines
Edward, the son of a white plantation owner, and his black house servant and friend, Simon, witness the siege of Petersburg during the Civil War.


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Stolz, Mary.   A Ballad of the Civil War

Weary of the war, a Union lieutenant recalls his life with his twin brother on their family's Virginia plantation and the events that led them to fight on different sides in the Civil War.



Wisler, G. Clifton.   The Drummer Boy of Vicksburg
In this fact-based story, fourteen-year-old drummer boy Orion Howe displays great bravery during the battle at Vicksburg, Mississippi



Ernst, Kathleen.   The Night Riders of Harpers Ferry
During the Civil War, a seventeen-year-old Union soldier must adjust to army life, with the additional complications peculiar to the region where the Shenandoah and Potomac Rivers come together at Harpers Ferry, West Virginia.



Robinet, Harriette.   If You Please, President Lincoln
Shortly after the Christmas of 1863, fourteen-year-old runaway slave Moses thinks he is beginning a new free life when he plots to take freed and runaway slaves to a small island off the coast of Haiti.



Donahue, John.   An Island Far From Home
The twelve-year-old son of a Union army doctor killed during the fighting in Fredericksburg comes to understand the meaning of war and the fine line between friends and enemies when he begins corresponding with a young Confederate prisoner of war.



Wisler, G. Clifton.   Mr. Lincoln’s Drummer
Recounts the courageous exploits of Willie Johnston, an eleven-year-old Civil War drummer, who became the youngest recipient of the Congressional Medal of Honor.



Collier, James.   With Every Drop of Blood
While trying to transport food to Richmond, Virginia, during the Civil War, fourteen-year--old Johnny is captured by a black Union soldier.



Holland, Isabelle.   Behind the Lines
During the New York Draft Riot of 1863, a young Irish Catholic girl helps an African American make a daring escape from an angry mob.



Lyon, George Ella.   Here and Then
Through ghostly visitation and a diary that seems mysteriously to write itself with twelve-year-old Abby’s hands, a Civil War nurse asks for help with medical supplies across an abyss of 133 years.



Nixon, Joan.   A Dangerous Promise
After being taken in by Captain Taylor and his wife in Kansas, twelve-year-old Mike Kelly and his friend Todd Blakely join the Union army as musicians and see the horrors of war first hand in Missouri.



Polacco, Patricia.   Pink and Say
Say Curtis describes his meeting with Pinkus Aylee, a black soldier, during the Civil War, and their capture by Southern troops.



Fleischman, Paul.   Bull Run
Northerners, Southerners, generals, couriers, dreaming boys, and worried sisters describe the glory, the horror, the thrill, and the disillusionment of the first battle of the Civil War.



Rinaldi, Ann.   In My Father’s House
For two sisters growing up surrounded by the Civil War, there is conflict both outside and inside their house. Based loosely on events in the lives of the Wilmer McLean family, on whose property the Civil War started, and in whose parlor it ended.


Beatty, Patricia.   Eben Tyne, Powdermonkey
A thirteen-year-old powder carrier in the Confederate navy joins the crew of the ironclad Merrimac in a mission to break the Union blockade of Norfolk harbor.



Beatty, Patricia.   Charley Skedaddle
During the Civil War, a twelve-year-old Bowery Boy from New York City joins the Union Army as a drummer, deserts during a battle in Virginia, and encounters a hostile old mountain woman.



Clapp, Patricia.   The Tamarack Tree: a novel of the siege of Vicksburg
An eighteen-year-old English girl finds her loyalties divided and all her resources tested as she and her friends experience the terrible physical and emotional hardships of the forty-seven day siege of Vicksburg in the spring of 1863.                                                                                        


Beatty, Patricia.   Turn Homeward, Hannalee
Twelve-year-old Hannalee Reed, forced to relocate in Indiana along with other Georgia millworkers during the Civil War, leaves her mother with a promise to return home as soon as the war ends.


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Davis, Paxton.   Three Days
Describes the battle of Gettysburg through the eyes of Robert E. Lee, following that great general from his entry into Pennsylvania to the disastrous conclusion for the Confederate troops.



Reit, Seymour.   Ironclad!: a true story of the Civil War
Presents the historic Civil War battle between two ironclad ships, the Merrimac and the Monitor, from the viewpoint of a youth serving aboard the Monitor.


O’Dell, Scott.   The 290
A shipyard apprentice finds high adventure aboard the S.S. Alabama, a Confederate ship which sails the Atlantic destroying Union vessels.



Shaara, Michael.   The Killer Angels
Vivid, dramatic re-creation of the battle of Gettysburg, told from the viewpoints of the commanders. A Pulitzer Prize winner from which the movie "Gettysburg" was made.



Hunt, Irene.   Across Five Aprils
Young Jethro Creighton grows from a boy to a man when he is left to take care of the family farm in Illinois during the difficult years of the Civil War. Newbery Medal Honor Book 1965.


Meader, Stephen.   Phantom of the Blockade
Seventeen-year-old Anse finds life aboard a Confederate blockade runner dangerous, exciting, and profitable...if one survives it.


Steele, William.   The Perilous Road
Fourteen-year-old Chris, bitterly hating the Yankees for invading his Tennessee mountain home, learns a difficult lesson about the waste of war and the meaning of tolerance and courage when he reports the approach of a Yankee supply troop to the Confederates, only to learn that his brother is probably part of that troop. Newbery Medal Honor Book 1959.



Keith, Harold.   Rifles for Watie
Follows the army life of Jeff Bussey, from enlistment in Kansas in 1861 to duties as a spy in the land of the Cherokee. A long novel, but full of action and historical details. Newbery Medal winner 1958.



Foote, Shelby.   Shiloh: a novel
Six Confederate and six Union soldiers relate their experiences and feelings during the Battle of Shiloh in April, 1862



Crane, Stephen.   The Red Badge of Courage
A story of fear, courage, conflict and death, and the battle within Henry Fleming, a young recruit.