Overland Journeys to the West

American Historical Fiction






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Erdrich, Louise.†† Makoons

Living with their Ojibwe family on the Great Plains of Dakota Territory in 1866, twin brothers Makoons and Chickadee must learn to become buffalo hunters, but Makoons has a vision that foretells great challenges that his family may not be able to overcome. (The Birchbark House: book 5)



Naylor, Phyllis Reynolds.†† Emilyís Fortune
While traveling to her aunt's home in Redbud by train and stagecoach, quiet young Emily and her turtle, Rufus, team up with Jackson, fellow orphan and troublemaker extraordinaire, to outsmart mean Uncle Victor, who is after Emily's inheritance.



Holt, Kimberly Willis.†† The Water Seeker
Traces the hard life, filled with losses, adversity, and adventure, of Amos, son of a trapper and dowser, from 1833 when his mother dies giving birth to him until 1859, when he has grown up and has a son of his own.



McKernan, Victoria.†† The Devilís Paintbox
In 1865, fifteen-year-old Aiden and his thirteen-year-old sister Maddy, pennilesIn 1865, fifteen-yes orphans, leave drought-stricken Kansas on a wagon train hoping for a better life in Seattle, but find there are still many hardships to be faced.



Avi.†† Hard Gold: the Colorado gold rush of 1859: a tale of the old West
When his Uncle Jesse heads to the Pike's Peak region of the Rocky Mountains to look for gold, Early Wittcomb follows in hopes of raising enough money to save the family farm, but the journey west is full of hardships.


dear levi

Woodruff, Elvira.†† Dear Levi: letters from the Overland Trail
Twelve-year-old Austin Ives writes letters to his younger brother describing his three-thousand-mile journey from their home in Pennsylvania to Oregon in 1851.


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Nixon, Joan Lowery.†† Caught in the Act
Eleven-year-old Michael Patrick Kelly from New York City is sent to a foster home, a Missouri farm with a sadistic owner, a bullying son, and a number of secrets, one of which may be murder.


walking up a rainbow

Taylor, Theodore.†† Walking Up a Rainbow
Feisty teenager Susan, left an orphan with two thousand sheep and a massive debt, decides to start her own wagon train to California.Adventure with a sense of humor.


save queen of sheba

Moeri, Louise.†† Save Queen of Sheba
Half-scalped and left for dead, King David and his six-year-old sister must try to catch up to the advance section of their wagon train on the Oregon Trail.


moccasin trail

McGraw, Eloise.†† Moccasin Trail
Jim Keath, brought up by Crow Indians for six years, is reunited with his brothers and sister journeying west into Oregon.