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April 2017

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Alexander, William.   Ambassador

Appointed Earth's ambassador to the universe, twelve-year-old Gabe Fuentes faces two sets of "alien" problems when he discovers his parents are illegal aliens and face deportation and the Earth is in the path of a destructive alien force causing multiple mass extinctions.

Cover image for Spirit week showdown

Allen, Crystal.   Spirit Week Showdown

Nine-year-old Mya is excited about participating in School Spirit Week, even making a pinky promise with her best friend Naomi to be her partner, but when she accidentally gets paired with the biggest bully in school, Mean Connie, Naomi is mad at Maya for breaking her promise, so she must learn to work with Mean Connie and try and get her friend back.

Cover image for The crooked sixpence

Bell, Jennifer.   The Crooked Sixpence

Ivy Sparrow and her big brother Seb discover a city beneath London where ordinary objects have magical powers. (The Uncommoners: book 1)

Cover image for A crack in the sea

Bouwman, H. M.   A Crack in the Sea

Pip, a young boy who can speak to fish, and his sister Kinchen set off on a great adventure, joined by twins with magical powers, refugees fleeing post-war Vietnam, and some helpful sea monsters.

Cover image for Addie Bell's shortcut to growing up

Brody, Jessica.   Addie Bell’s Shortcut to Growing Up

Seventh grader Addie Bell can't wait to grow up. Her parents won't let her have her own phone, she doesn't have any curves, and her best friend, Grace, isn't at all interested in makeup or boys. Then, on the night of her twelfth birthday, Addie makes a wish on a magic jewelry box to be sixteen . . . and wakes up to find her entire life has been fast-forwarded four years!

Cover image for Talking leaves

Bruchac, Joseph.   Talking Leaves

The story of Sequoyah and the creation of the Cherokee syllabary, as told by his thirteen-year-old son.

Cover image for The Bolds

Clary, Julian.   The Bolds

The Bolds live in an ordinary suburban house, but they have a secret - they are a hyena family disguised as humans.

Cover image for The twelve days of Dash & Lily

Cohn, Rachel.   The Twelve Days of Dash & Lily

In a story told in the alternating voices of Dash and Lily, Dash, Lily, Lily's brother Langston, and their friends travel to New York City to help Lily recapture the magic of the holiday season.


Cover image for A riddle in Ruby

Davis, Kent.   A Riddle in Ruby

In an era called The Chemystral Age, magically augmented alchemy and chemistry have thrust an alternate version of eighteenth-century colonial America forward into industrialization. Thirteen-year-old Ruby is a smuggler's daughter and picklock prodigy, and she and her mostly faithful servant, Cram, navigate a world filled with cobalt gearbeasts, alchemical automatons, and devilish secret societies. (A Riddle in Ruby: book 1)

Cover image for Truth or dare

Dee, Barbara.   Truth or Dare

A few white lies told during a simple game of truth or dare spin out of control and make life very complicated for a girl who returns home at the end of the summer to discover that her friends have become estranged and drama-prone.

Cover image for Somewhere among

Donwerth-Chikamatsu, Annie.   Somewhere Among

Eleven-year-old Emma's life in Tokyo changes for the worse when she and her American mother, who is pregnant, must move in with her Japanese grandmother the summer before 9/11 changes the world.

Cover image for Julia vanishes

Egan, Catherine.   Julia Vanishes

Possessing an ability to hide on the edge of perception, Julia conceals her talents in a city where magic is banned and poses as a grand lady's housemaid alongside an eccentric band of fellow housemates who have ties to a powerful killer.

Cover image for Makoons

Erdrich, Louise.   Makoons

Living with their Ojibwe family on the Great Plains of Dakota Territory in 1866, twin brothers Makoons and Chickadee must learn to become buffalo hunters, but Makoons has a vision that foretells great challenges that his family may not be able to overcome. (The Birchbark House: book 5)

Cover image for A most magical girl

Foxlee, Karen.   A Most Magical Girl

When Annabel's mother abruptly leaves her with her two mysterious aunts, she is thrust into a magical side of Victorian London she never knew existed and discovers that she is the key to saving it from an evil wizard bent on destroying all good magic.

Cover image for The wizard's dog

Gale, Eric Kahn.   The Wizard’s Dog

When his master and best friend, Merlin, is kidnapped, there is nothing Nosewise the dog will not do to get Merlin back, even if it means facing the strange Fae people and their magic-eating worms, or tangling with the mysterious Sword in the Stone.

Cover image for Panda-monium : aFunjungle novel

Gibbs, Stuart.   Panda-monium: a Funjungle novel

Teddy Fitzroy must solve the crime of the kidnapped rare and expensive panda, Li Ping. (Teddy Fitzroy: book 4)

Cover image for The Matchstick Castle

Graff, Keir.   The Matchstick Castle

Eleven-year-old Brian's summer turns out a lot less boring than expected when he encounters a huge, wacky house in the forest and befriends the eccentric family that lives there.

Cover image for A clatter of jars

Graff, Lisa.   A Clatter of Jars

Children with magical Talents attend a summer camp, where nothing is what it seems. (Companion to A Tangle of Knots)

Cover image for Girl in the blue coat

Hesse, Monica.   Girl in the Blue Coat

In 1943 Nazi-occupied Amsterdam, teenage Hanneke--a 'finder' of black market goods--is tasked with finding a Jewish girl a customer had been hiding, who has seemingly vanished into thin air, and is pulled into a web of resistance activities and secrets as she attempts to solve the mystery and save the missing girl.

Cover image for A rambler steals home

Higgins, Carter.   A Rambler Steals Home

Returning each summer to small town Ridge Creek, Virginia, where her father sells concessions after the minor league baseball games, eleven-year-old Derby Christmas Clark longs for a permanent home as she reconnects with grandmotherly June and uncovers hidden secrets.

Cover image for Four-four-two

Hughes, Dean.   Four-four-two

Forced into an internment camp at the start of World War II, eighteen-year-old Yuki enlists in the Army to fight for the Allies as a member of the "Four-Four-Two," a segregated Japanese American regiment.

Cover image for A guide to the other side

Imfeld, Robert.   A Guide to the Other Side

Thirteen-year-old Baylor Bosco does not like ghosts, but as a medium he sees them--including his twin sister Kristina--everywhere but Kristina disappears after a strange ghost shows up and Baylor must try to find her on his own. (Beyond Baylor: book 1)

Cover image for Midnight without a moon

Jackson, Linda Williams.   Midnight without a Moon

Rose Lee Carter, a thirteen-year-old African-American girl, dreams of life beyond the Mississippi cotton fields during the summer of 1955, but when Emmett Till is murdered and his killers are unjustly acquitted, Rose is torn between seeking her destiny outside of Mississippi or staying and being a part of an important movement.

Cover image for Dancing in the rain

Joseph, Lynn.   Dancing in the Rain

Twelve year-old Elizabeth, usually happy and full of life, has her world crumble around her when the Twin Towers fall and her family falls apart. When Brandt, eight years-old, and Jared, thirteen years old, arrive on the island, Elizabeth shows them a new way to look at the world and she begins to laugh again. Together they must help their families overcome the sorrow and live again.

Cover image for The life fantastic : a novel in three acts

Ketchum, Liza.   The Life Fantastic: a novel in three acts

In 1913, young Teresa dreams of leaving her life in Vermont and hitting the road to join a vaudeville troop and sing in theaters across the country. Once she does, however, she finds the job and the country is not as glamorous as she once believed.

Cover image for Liberty

Larson, Kirby.   Liberty

In 1940s New Orleans, Fish Elliot is a polio-survivor with a knack for inventing and building things, and his African American neighbor Olympia is a girl with a talent for messing things up, but they are united in an effort to save a starving stray dog they call Liberty--and when Liberty is caged by a nasty farmer, they find an unlikely ally in a German prisoner of war, Erich, who is not much older than the two children.

Cover image for The door by the staircase

Marsh, Katherine.   The Door by the Staircase

Happy to be adopted at last, twelve-year-old orphan Mary Hayes soon learns a terrifying secret about her new mother, the mysterious Madame Z.

Cover image for Dragon captives

McMann, Lisa.   Dragon Captives

Magical twins Fifer and Thisbe Stowe have spent their entire lives wishing for an adventure. When a dragon shows up claiming that his family is being kept as slaves in their homeland, the twins sneak off to the land of the dragons to help them. (The Unwanted Quests: book 1)

Cover image for Skating with the Statue of Liberty

Meyer, Susan.   Skating with the Statue of Liberty

After having escaped with his family from Nazi-occupied France, Gustave finds a home in New York City, still worried about Marcel, his good friend who he left behind, and surprised to find bigotry in America, too.

Cover image for An eagle in the snow

Morpurgo, Michael.   An Eagle in the Snow

In 1940 England, stuck in a train tunnel while German fighter jets fly overhead, Barney hears an unlikely story of a highly decorated World War I soldier who once had a chance to kill young Adolf Hitler.

Cover image for Train I ride

Mosier, Paul.   Train I Ride

Traveling from California to Chicago after her mother dies of a drug overdose and her grandmother of lung cancer, thirteen-year-old Rydr meets other passengers on the train and attempts to accept her own situation.

Cover image for Dragonwatch

Mull, Brandon.   Dragonwatch

Because Dragonwatch, an ancient group of wizards, enchantresses, and dragon slayers, is crumbling, an uprising of dragons threatens to destroy the magical preserves as well as overrun the non-magical world.(Sequel to Fablehaven/Dragonwatch: book 1)

Cover image for Revenge of the green banana

Murphy, Jim.   Revenge of the Green Banana

Jimmy Murphy starts sixth grade determined to be a better student and impress the beautiful Kathy Guenther, but Sister Angelica has him and his friends pegged as troublemakers and they may just prove her right.

Cover image for Molly & Pim and the millions of stars

Murray, Martine.   Molly & Pim and the Millions of Stars

Molly longs for normalcy but when her mother accidentally turns herself into a tree, Molly must embrace all the things she has tried to run away from.

Cover image for Out of tune

Nall, Gail.   Out of Tune

When twelve-year-old Maya's parents sell their house and move the family into an RV to travel the country, her only goal is to return home to audition for the singing competition show that is sure to propel her to country music stardom.

Cover image for Tru & Nelle : a novel

Neri, Greg.   Tru & Nelle: a novel

In their small town of Monroeville, Alabama, in 1930, misfits Tru and Nelle strike up a friendship and find a mystery to solve when someone breaks into the drugstore and steals some candy and a fancy brooch.

Cover image for The scourge

Nielsen, Jennifer A.   The Scourge

When the lethal plague known as the Scourge returns to Keldan the victims are sent to Attic Island, and Ani Mells of the River People is among them--but Ani does not feel sick, and with the help of her best friend, Weevil, she sets out to uncover the truth of what is happening, and expose the lies the people of Keldan have been told.

Cover image for Flying lessons & other stories

Oh, Ellen, ed.   Flying Lessons & Other Stories

From basketball dreams and family fiascos to first crushes and new neighborhoods, this anthology, written by award-winning children's authors, celebrates the uniqueness and universality in all of us. (Short Stories collection)

Cover image for Eleven and holding

Penney, Mary.   Eleven and Holding

“Macy has always thought of her military dad as her hero. This latest job though has kept him away from home longer than ever - not even coming home for her birthday - so she decides that she needs to go bring him home. As she deals with the loss of grandmother and her missing father, she learns that growing up isn't all it's cracked up to be. Not everything is the way that it looks or seems.”…Madison’s review

Cover image for The someday birds

Pla, Sally J.   The Someday Birds

Charlie, twelve, who has autism and obsessive-compulsive disorder, must endure a cross-country trip with his siblings and a strange babysitter to visit their father, who will undergo brain surgery.

Cover image for The mystery of hollow places

Podos, Rebecca.   The Mystery of Hollow Places

A mystery writer's daughter sets out to find her missing father and, along the way, begins to understand the loneliness that has gripped them both since her mother abandoned them years before.

Cover image for Threads

Polonsky, Ami.   Threads

An American girl finds a note written by a Chinese girl forced to work in a factory in Beijing.

Cover image for Dara Palmer's major drama

Shevah, Emma.   Dara Palmer’s Major Drama

Dara Palmer dreams of being an actress, but when she does not get a part in the school play she wonders if it is because of her different looks as an adopted girl from Cambodia, so Dara becomes determined not to let prejudice stop her from being in the spotlight.

Cover image for Making bombs for Hitler

Skrypuch, Marsha Forchuk.   Making Bombs for Hitler

In 1943 ten-year-old Lida is torn away from her home in the Ukraine, separated from her little sister Larissa, and sent to a slave labor camp in Germany, but when she is moved and set to making bombs she sees a way to strike back at the Nazis.

Cover image for Short

Sloan, Holly Goldberg.   Short

Very short for her age, Julia grows into her sense of self while playing a munchkin in a summer regional theater production of The Wizard of Oz.

Cover image for The mesmerist

Smith, Ronald L.   The Mesmerist

Thirteen-year-old Jess and her mother make a living as sham spiritualists--until they discover that Jess is a mesmerist and that she really can talk to the dead. Soon she is plunged into the dark world of Victorian London's supernatural underbelly and learns that the city is under attack by ghouls, monsters, and spirit summoners.

Cover image for Red butterfly

Sonnichsen, A. L.   Red Butterfly

In China, a foundling girl with a deformed hand raised in secret by an American woman must navigate China's strict adoption system when she is torn away from the only family she has ever known.

Cover image for Look out for the Fitzgerald-Trouts

Spalding, Esta.   Look Out for the Fitzgerald-Trouts

The Fitzgerald-Trouts are four barely related siblings living together in a small car on a lush tropical island, but when they begin to outgrow their small vehicle, they must band together to find a new home.

Cover image for The warden's daughter

Spinelli, Jerry.   The Warden’s Daughter

Living with her warden father in an apartment above a 1950s prison, Cammie O'Reilly struggles to come to terms with the loss of her mother, who died saving her from harm when she was a baby, and interacts with some of the reformed inmates.

Cover image for Iceling

Stephenson, Sasha.   Iceling

“Seventeen-year-old Lorna loves her adoptive sister, Callie. But Callie can't say "I love you" back. In fact, Callie can't say anything at all. Because Callie is an Iceling -- one of hundreds of teens who were discovered sixteen years ago on a remote Arctic island, all of them lacking the ability to speak or understand any known human language. Mysterious and panicked events lead to the two sisters embarking on a journey to the north, and now Lorna starts to see that there's a lot more to Callie's origin story than she'd been led to believe. Little does she know what's in store, and that she's about to uncover the terrifying secret about who -- and what -- Callie really is."

Cover image for Murder is bad manners

Stevens, Robin.   Murder is Bad Manners

At an English boarding school in the 1930s, crime-solving friends Hazel Wong and Daisy Wells struggle to find an exciting mystery to investigate until Hazel discovers the dead body of Miss Bell, the science teacher.

Cover image for The ballad of a broken nose

Svingen, Arne.   The Ballad of a Broken Nose

Immersing himself in his love for opera in order to cope with a difficult life, shy and bullied Bart embraces an optimistic outlook and bonds with an outgoing girl who encourages him to perform in a school talent show.

Cover image for The secrets to ruling school (without even trying)

Swaab, Neil.   The Secrets to Ruling School (without even trying)

Self-proclaimed middle school expert and life coach Max Corrigan offers advice and practical tips on such topics as how and why to join cliques, how to deal with gym class, pretending to be sick, and acing tests without being caught cheating. Includes comic-style illustrations.

Cover image for The goldfish boy

Thompson, Lisa.   The Goldfish Boy

Emotionally crippled by his obsessive-compulsive disorder, teenager Matthew Corbin rarely leaves his room on a cul-de-sac in London, and he passes the day observing and writing down his neighbors doings from his window--but when a toddler staying next door disappears Matt is the key to solving a mystery and possibly saving a child's life...if he can manage to expose himself, and his secret guilt to the outside world.

Cover image for Stef Soto, taco queen

Torres, Jennifer.   Stef Soto, Taco Queen

Mexican-American Stef Soto is hoping to break free from her overprotective parents and embarrassing reputation from her family's taco truck business, but she soon learns that family, friendship, and the taco truck are important and wonderful parts of her life.

Cover image for Well, that was awkward

Vail, Rachel.   Well, That was Awkward

There are unexpected consequences when thirteen-year-old Gracie sends texts pretending to be her bashful best friend, Sienna, and their friend Emmett starts texting back pretending to be shy A.J.

Cover image for Footer Davis probably is crazy

Vaught, Susan.   Footer Davis Probably is Crazy

Eleven-year-old Footer and her friends investigate when a nearby farm is burned, the farmer murdered, and his children disappear, but as they follow the clues, Footer starts having flashbacks and wonders if she is going crazy like her mother, who is back in a mental institution near their Mississippi home.

Cover image for Sting

Watson, Jude.   Sting

March and Jules are teenage twins, following in their father's footsteps as jewel thieves, but when their latest job goes wrong they end up with one jewel, a sapphire called the Morning Star, one of three cursed jewels--and the only way they can break the curse is to elude the FBI, Interpol, and a gang of international criminals, find the other two jewels, and reunite them. (Loot: book 2)

Cover image for Zoe in wonderland

Woods, Brenda.   Zoe in Wonderland

Introverted, daydream-prone Zoe is afraid her real life will never be as exciting as her imaginary one.



Fiction Books for the Young Adult Reader

Cover image for Kids of appetite

Arnold, David.   Kids of Appetite

Teens Victor Benucci and Madeline Falco sit in separate police interrogation rooms telling about the misfits who brought them together and their journey sparked by a message in an urn.

Cover image for Unnatural deeds

Balog, Cyn.   Unnatural Deeds

Victoria Zell, a high school misfit coping with anxiety, is quite content with her homeschooled, agoraphobic boyfriend until she becomes obsessed with a charismatic new boy.

Cover image for The bone witch

Chupeco, Rin.   The Bone Witch

Tea's gift for death magic means that she is a bone witch, a title that makes her feared and ostracized by her community, but when an older bone witch trains her to become an asha--one who can wield elemental magic--Tea will have to overcome her obstacles and make a powerful choice in the face of danger as dark forces approach.

Cover image for Caraval

Garber, Stephanie.   Caraval

Believing that she will never be allowed to participate in the annual Caraval performance when her ruthless father arranges her marriage, Scarlett receives the invitation she has always dreamed of before her sister, Tella, is kidnapped by the show's mastermind organizer.


Cover image for Aerie : a Magonia novel

Headley, Maria Dahvana.   Aerie: a Magonia novel

The tale that began in Magonia finds Aza returning to Earth only to be called back to her sky kingdom, where she must fight for both the survival of humanity and her love for her best friend, Jason. (Sequel to Magonia)

Cover image for Magonia

Headley, Maria Dahvana.   Magonia

Aza Ray Boyle's life has been defined by a unique lung disease and her evolving friendship with Jason, but just before her sixteenth birthday, she is swept up into the sky-bound world of Magonia and discovers her true identity.

Cover image for Bright smoke, cold fire

Hodge, Rosamund.   Bright Smoke, Cold Fire

Bound by her family's magical heritage to punish their enemies, Juliet nearly loses her life trying to execute her beloved Romeo for killing her cousin, a situation that compels her guardian, Paris, to uncover dark secrets about their walled city.

Cover image for The disappearance of Ember Crow

Kwaymullina, Ambelin.   The Disappearance of Ember Crow

When Ashala and her Tribe of superpowered illegals forge an alliance with the "saurs," an intelligent race of lizards, their survival is threatened by a friend's disappearance. (The Tribe: book 2)

Cover image for The interrogation of Ashala Wolf

Kwaymullina, Ambelin.   The Interrogation of Ashala Wolf

“Taking refuge among other teens who are in hiding from a government threatened by their supernatural powers, Ashala covertly practices her abilities only to be captured and interrogated for information about the location of her friends.”…Baker & Taylor (The Tribe: book 1)

Cover image for Dreamland burning

Latham, Jennifer.   Dreamland Burning

When Rowan finds a skeleton on her family's property, investigating the brutal, century-old murder leads to painful discoveries about the past. Alternating chapters tell the story of William, another teen grappling with the racial firestorm leading up to the 1921 Tulsa race riot, providing some clues to the mystery.

Cover image for Heir of fire

Maas, Sarah.   Heir of Fire

Royal assassin Celaena must travel to a new land to confront a truth about her heritage, while brutal and monstrous forces are gathering on the horizon, intent on enslaving her world. (Throne of Glass: book 3)

Cover image for You don't know my name

Orlando, Kristen.   You Don’t Know My Name

Sixteen-year-old Reagan, raised to be an elite spy, is torn between honoring her family's legacy and living a normal life with the boy she loves.

Cover image for Carve the mark

Roth, Veronica.   Carve the Mark

Living on a violent planet where everyone develops a unique power meant to shape the future, Akos and Cyra, youths from enemy nations, resent gifts that render them vulnerable to others' control before they become unlikely survival partners. (Carve the Mark: book 1)

Cover image for Love and first sight

Sundquist, Josh.   Love and First Sight

Sixteen-year-old blind teen Will Porter undergoes an experimental surgery that enables him to see for the first time, all while navigating a new school, new friends, and a crush.

Cover image for Maresi

Turschaninoff, Maria.   Maresi

As thirteen-year-old novice Maresi awaits the call to serve in one of the houses of the idyllic Red Abbey, a new arrival with a dark past requires Maresi to act in order to protect her new sister and the Abbey. (The Red Abbey Chronicles: book 1)

Cover image for Grandpa's great escape

Walliams, David.   Grandpa’s Great Escape

Twelve-year-old Jack's grandpa lives in a rest home and often mistakes Jack for his World War II squadron commander, but when grandpa wants to escape his boring situation, Jack has to decide how he will help him.

Cover image for Kingdom of ash and briars

West, Hannah.   Kingdom of Ash and Briars

Sixteen-year-old Bristal discovers she is a shapeshifter, one of three remaining elicromancers tasked with guarding the realm of Nissera against dark magic while manipulating three royal families to promote peace.