I,____________________________, have agreed to be a part of the ensemble for the KEAKA PUNAHOU 2000-2001 production of INTO THE WOODS.  My signature below is a confirmation of my commitment to the following goals:

1.    That I be a part of a production committed to do the best it possibly can.

2.    That I be a part of an ensemble ready to work and grow with other actors, helping each other out to make the best production possible.

3.    That I be willing to take risks, learn new things, experiment, and not be afraid to try, even if I may think I fail.

4.    That I show up to rehearsals, on time, and if I don't, and do not inform the stage manager or the director of my whereabouts, can forfeit being a part of the production.

5.    That I take personal responsibility for the quality of this production - this is MY show.

6.    That I meet deadlines for line memorization, character work and whatever else the director deems necessary for the quality of the show; if I do not, I forfeit being a part of this production.

7.    That I take direction from the director only, unless the director authorizes others to help in the production.

8.    That I maintain my grades while working with this show.


(Actor's Signature)

We support our child in this.

(Parent's Signature)

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