November 20, 2007

Carnival Chairperson Anne Ezer '70 (Parent: '05 and '09) recently shared Punahou Carnival history, reviewed the event's organizational structure, and reflected on student and parent involvement in the large fundraiser.

Carnival began in 1914 when "Oahu College" held a "Carnival Week" and parents of boarding students could rent rooms on campus for a nominal fee. Carnival became an all-school event in 1932, during the height of the Depression, when the "Oahuan Campus Carnival" was hosted by Academy students for the purpose of raising money to print the Oahuan, the Punahou yearbook. The event was held on Middle Field and took place on an early April Friday afternoon through late evening. It featured sandwiches, hot dogs, soda, and ice cream. Nickel events included a shooting gallery, a bowling green, fortune telling, a swordsman, a pie-eating contest, horse shoe contests, and tub races in the swimming pool, and dancing followed the day's events. The event was hugely successful and raised $240 for the Oahuan.

When arrangements were made to have the yearbook printed in Seattle at a reduced cost the following year, the manager and staff of the Oahuan decided to forego responsibility for the event and the junior class assumed that role. In 1936, however, the PTA joined forces with the juniors and together they introduced the first Carnival rides, the merry-go-round and the Ferris wheel, rented from E.K. Fernandez. Though it was suspended between 1942 and 1946, the Carnival expanded to a two-day event in 1947, and five-cent scrip, a sound booth, and five new rides were introduced. By the
mid-1950s, the Carnival had outgrown Middle Field and was moved to its current
venue on Lower Field.

In the early days of Carnival, students in grades 9 - 12 were encouraged to try out for the Variety Show, a vaudeville-style medley of singing, dancing, and musical comedy. During the 1950s, the first "story line" was incorporated into the show and by the end of the decade, the show became the purview of the senior class. Although at least two earlier carnivals carried "themes," the practice became a Carnival standard in 1968, and by the early 1970s, Carnival "fabric" was added to the tradition.

The event's organization rivals that of large corporations. A freshman Parent-Chair-in-training is recruited each spring by the PFA Nominating Committee and must agree to the two year commitment. The Parent Chair then selects parents to lead the five Carnival Divisions: Administrative, Specialties, Food, Skills and Games, and White Elephant. Division Chairs then recruit approximately 225 parents as individual Booth Chairs. The Student leadership group, chosen during sophomore year, is selected through an application process by the class deans and comprises two Carnival Chairs, 22 Division Heads, and a Carnival Documentarian. Approximately 220 more students are selected as Booth Chairs for the Carnival's 60 booths and committees. The parent and student leadership groups work with the PFA Carnival Coordinator as the overall Carnival Coordinating Committee.

Although Punahou Carnival is the major scholarship fundraising event, it's generally considered an integral part of the "Punahou experience." What begins as fun for lower school students evolves into unique class and community bonding and school spirit-building. Mention the word "Carnival" in a crowd, and then look around. Everyone smiling has shared the "highlight of a lifetime."

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November 19, 2007

Misplaced your Carnival Crier? Don't worry.

You can download another one: Carnival Crier (November 2007)

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The Great Carnival Round-Up

Annual Punahou Christmas Fair
Nov 19, 2007

Carnival Fabric and Ready-to-Wear
Nov 19, 2007