June 3, 2010

SchwengDaddy Out.


Well, it's over. I had a great time and I hope you are satisfied with your child's individual progress this year. I'd like to first thank all you parents for your support; I know there were some departures from traditional-style teaching this year and I appreciate your confidence in the idea that I probably knew what I was doing (I didn't, but that doesn't matter now). At the very least, I hope your child woke up and wanted to come to school each day. To me, the easy part is teaching the material; the hard part is making it fun and making it stick.

Next I'd like to thank all the room parents. You may not believe this, but I can, on occasion, be a tad challenging to work with. I know, you don't believe me, but it's true. So, thanks to everyone who had anything to do with any of our events. And a special mahalo to Mary who did an amazing job wrangling my requests.

And now some advice:

1. Never underestimate the importance of helping your child make positive choices when it comes to choosing friends. The crowd your kid runs with has the potential to elevate or devastate his or her future. This will eventually lead to their choosing of a mate which is perhaps the most important decision of our lives.

2. Read, read, read. My involvement in the SAT Prep Program here at Punahou gives me a unique perspective I think. I can't tell you how many students I tutor in reading that simply can't catch up in order to do well on the SAT Reading section. Students who don't grow up with a love for reading are at a distinct disadvantage, not only on the SAT, but in just about all aspects of their education. I highly recommend your child finish Book 3 of The Edge Chronicles. We're all highly invested in this book series, and there are six more books after Book 3.

3. Take full advantage of all the amazing opportunities this campus offers. From the sports programs to the Luke Center for Public Service, there is always something to become involved with that will keep kids out of trouble and teach valuable life lessons. I just learned of an amazing BizSmart summer school economics class offered to 11 year olds that seems amazing. It's an Iolani-Punahou collaboration that I wish I could enroll in myself.

4. Support your child's interests in technology. If your child shows a talent for iMovie, buy him or her a camera and shotgun microphone. The technology aspect of 4th Grade has put your child in a unique position to become your family's documentarian. I believe the Spring Fling movie shows the power of video capturing memories. There is no doubt that technology will play a huge role in your child's future, so invest in that future when needed. I certainly wish I had edited home movies from my early years.

Please don't ever hesitate to contact me for advice or help in any matter regarding your child. I'll always be your child's 4th Grade teacher and I do feel a future responsibility when it comes to that title. My teachers certainly felt that way and that's why three of them were at my wedding. This is supposed to make you cry, but now I'm teary-eyed. Darn it.

As Kevin Bacon said in Footloose; Hollowman; JFK; She's Having a Baby; Tremors; and She's Having a Baby..."Goodbye."

SchwengDaddy out.

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it's over.

we had a great last day together. it's not easy to let go, but this group is ready for their next challenge and a less handsome teacher.
our aloha assembly was wonderful. it always gives me goosebumps when we gather as a school.
the wordly wise test went quite well for all...but two students who put me in a difficult position by scoring a very low score. i've spoken with each student about the fact that i'll have to re-calculate his or her wordly wise grade which may lower a report card grade. i'll also email the parents of these two students so no one else has to worry.
students signed each other's yearbooks for a while also.
homework: read, read, read
the kids were all given a copy of a new haddix book (and series) called 'found' yesterday. it's amazing how many of the kids asked if they could start the books immediately! that warms my heart. i also recommend 'the edge chronicles' as we're already two books into the series and quite invested in the main character, twig.
i'll shoot you all a last email tomorrow.
have a wonderful evening and a safe summer,
mr. schwengel

June 2, 2010

WW 14 RR

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6-3 Vic-to-ry!

easily one of the fastest school days of my life.

the morning started with me setting back the woman's movement back a couple of decades with a 6-3 victory over our room, catherine. i am now ranked in both the boys under 10 division and women over 50 division. yay me!

the students were treated to a wonderful 'aloha' chapel where we concluded the year with how we started: breathing. slowly and deeply.

swimming went wonderfully. i decided to not swim today when i checked the peeH level. get it? pH? but instead i said "pee" H. i know. it's just too clever.

thank you all for the wonderfully creative gifts that'll i'll cherish for years to come. this is a wonderful class. and ours was the only table with arby's which made all the other dads very jealous!

the spring fling movie went great. unfortunately, we don't have time to burn copies for the students.

PE and signing each other's shirts took up the rest of the afternoon.

homework: so that i am remembered as the jerk i am , we will have a worldly wise test tomorrow morning.

have a wonderful evening, especially if you were humbled on the tennis court this morning.

mr. schwengel

May 28, 2010

Campus Clean Up

another productive and fun day for the keiki! they saw an amazing musical theater performance and then completed a campus clean up. this afternoon we cleaned out and cleared out our desks which is quite the feat, trust me.

homework: study for wordly wise and bring swim gear for tuesday. no pool toys. i love this swimming day: for some reason the pool is always a little warmer than usual?

on tuesday morning at 6:45 i'll be playing kai's mom in tennis. i'm betting she'll put up an adorable effort, but there is not a chance in hades that she'll beat me. and if you think i'm not going to rush the net then obviously we have not met.

mr. schwengel-riggs

May 27, 2010

Beach Clean-up!

the beach clean up went wonderfully. we pulled an estimated 3,000 pounds of invasive seaweed off the reef! on monday, we're airlifting the grade level to louisiana armed with q-tips and buckets.

we spent the rest of the afternoon in PE, writing thank you cards, reading the edge chronicles, and recovering from the sun.

homework: prepare for our campus clean-up tomorrow.

What to wear: Class shirts

What to kids need to bring: a disposable (grocery size) plastic bag from Safeway, Longs, etc.

we'll provide gloves for the students.

have a wonderful evening,

mr. schwengel

May 25, 2010

Sprung Flung

spring fling went great again today. the kids all seem exhausted and enthused about service. the lemonade stand raised an amazing $779.92 (profits) to help fight childhood cancer!

they spent an hour and a half in band orientation this afternoon and then came back to solve some math problems pertaining to our lemonade stand. they'll go to orchestra tomorrow.

we raised about $2 per minute at the lemonade stand. kinda makes me think i'm in the wrong business.

here's our schedule for the next few days:

wednesday: normal school day
thursday: beach clean up in morning
friday: campus clean up morning
monday: no school
tuesday: swimming in the morning; spring fling movie at 12:00; reception to follow; then optional short parent gathering in classroom
wednesday: last day of school is much like a normal day of learning with a wordly wise test and other things i believe you pay for.

have a wonderful evening,

mr. schwengel

May 21, 2010

Spring Fling next week!

tennis was cancelled this morning. it is so wonderful to know that the Lord is willing to answer the prayers for rain of a little girl. He is truly merciful.

after chapel, we spent the rest of the morning kissing our laptops goodbye. this whole process takes much longer than you can imagine.

i finished book 2 of the edge chronicles. if you're looking for a bookstore to purchase these books, please consider the barnes and noble in tuscon, arizona. they have plenty.

we listened to some hilarious break-up podcasts and will hear the rest next week.

students also reviewed contractions and spelling in 'woe is i'

spring fling! please be sure to carefully read the suggestions for spring fling and don't forget that some of the classes cost money.

have a wonderful weekend!

mr. schwengel

May 20, 2010

Next time?

whew. well the day ended with me on the tennis court with a prodigy. we tied 2-2 and will play a full match tomorrow morning. if i can squeak out a win i'll be the top-ranked 10-year old girl on the island. wish me luck!

the students spent the majority of the day getting their laptops ready for the turn-in tomorrow and working on their 'dear john' recordings. i can't wait to hear these! please have your child bring in a blank CD or hard drive to save this project tomorrow (or do it tonight).

i'll be finishing book 2 of 'the edge chronicles' (our read aloud book) tomorrow which puts us in a perfect position for a summer full of reading an amazing book series. i'll start book three next week to get them hooked, and then each child will hopefully have access to finish the book (and the following five) this summer.

homework: 'dear john' podcast

please get those blue forms back to me if you haven't already.

for a great laugh and lucky look at my twin brother, check out this youtube link:


have a wonderful evening,

mr. schwengel

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May 19, 2010

It's not you - it's me

we started the day with a relatively easy wordly wise test. i've posted the response report, printed out the answer sheets, and posted some of the difficult questions on the blog.

students printed out their 5-paragraph essays and i'll be reading those this week. it's really nice to read about the various great memories students have of our year together.

we picked our spring fling classes today. no tears were shed so that's always nice. please be sure to ask your child about the class he or she signed up for. some of the classes cost money.

the students' last writing assignment is a fun one: write a 'dear john' letter to your laptop. these should be filled with 'thanks for the memories' statements and also probably some heart-felt apologies for the abuse i know they've doled out this year. this may seem a bit young to learn how to write a good breakup letter, but it's a skill each kid will need someday. and a letter is much better than the crowded restaurant strategy, right?

students all shared their google docs with the rest of the class. they had a blast doing this and i guarentee this is a skill they'll be using in the upcoming years.

homework: 'dear john' letter. tomorrow night they'll need to record this letter. that's where it gets really funny...at least to me it does.

have a blissful evening,

mr. schwengel

WW 13 tough question


WW 13 tough question.


WW 13 RR

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May 18, 2010

Google Docs

we started the day with typing as usual. it's wonderful still to see how proficient the students are at this all-important skill.

in math we discovered that the average student will be going on 2.88 trips this summer. i will be in japan for a month, here for three weeks with my handsome identical twin brother, LA for a week, Virginia for a week, and then LA for another week. well, it sounded like a good idea when i was planning the trips individually. sigh.

students learned how to make and then share a google document. this is redefining how people can work from home and collaboratively.

homework: create a 5-question google doc for classmates to answer. they'll share and answer the docs tomorrow in class, not tonight.

we went over wordly wise and argued for a good four minutes whether your neck protrudes from your head or not? i thought no at first, but was convinced that i guess it does?

students continued work on their 5-paragraph essay with peer-editing and meeting with me about individual paragraphs.

have a wonderful evening,

mr. schwengel

May 17, 2010


i'd like to take a moment to acknowledge gracyn's dad's birthday today! marvin claims to be 44. i'm no birther, but i'm also no fool.

we started the day by sharing our exciting weekend happenings. it's actually pretty neat to hear about what nine-year olds do on the weekends. one student had his first chicken-fried steak and completely earned my total respect by finishing it all by himself.

students are continuing work on their 5-paragraph essays about 4th grade. i allowed them to print and hand me one of their paragraphs for my comments and corrections. this is due on wednesday. please no parent fingerprints on this assignment.

in math we are continuing to explore volume and spatial reasoning.

we had our last mele meeting with auntie hattie.

mrs. pazman's students needed our expertise in tabs again, so we obliged.

homework: essay work and any leftover math

have a wonderful evening,

mr. schwengel

May 14, 2010

5 Paragraphs

phew. this week seemed to go by like a speeding eternity.

we started the day with grammar. the students learned and reviewed all about possessives. this is tricky stuff. for example, is it "sarah and todd's snowmobile" OR "sarah's and todd's snowmobile"?

in math we reviewed a ton of stuff and then explored more geometric solids.

students were given a lesson on that dreaded five-paragraph essay and then a explicit review of what i'm looking for in their writing. they then went on to tackle their three most vivid memories from 4th grade. this isn't due until next week and should have absolutely no parent fingerprints on it, please.

mrs. pazman's class was thrilled to get a lesson in tabs software and the digital cutter. we'll be helping them with their project next week also.

spring fling packets went home today. students need to rank their favorite classes as we'll pick next week wednesday.

i've got plenty of volunteers for monday and tuesday for our lemonade stand, thank you.

i'm looking for at least two volunteers for our beach cleanup on thursday may 27. all morning pretty much. let me know if you're interested.

have a wonderful weekend,

mr. schwengel

May 13, 2010


we started the day with a moving chapel about good samaritans.

in grammar we reviewed yesterday's lesson about pronouns (that i'll re-teach your kids in SAT Prep in about seven years) and then moved onto tricky plurals. the kids really enjoy reading this 'woe is i' book even though it's just about grammar and punctuation. it's really silly, that's why they like it.

homework: t-shirt design work and wordly wise

in math we learned about relative weights and more symmetry, translations, reflections, and rotations.

we reviewed the tabs software as we'll be teaching mrs. pazman's class tomorrow how to use this cool software.

we started another wordly wise lesson. the work is due on monday and the test will be in the middle of next week.

the students were asked to begin to write a reflection about 4th grade. we'll do several things with this writing sample.

have a fantastic evening,

mr. schwengel

May 12, 2010

Animation-ish software



we had quite a fun day today using some new software and talking a lot about 5th grade.

we started the day by exploring google docs. we created a neat set of tables that asked students to plot their feelings about 5th grade and another that explored some of the rumors they've heard about 5th grade complete with the answers to those rumors.

here is the link if you'd like to check it out: http://docs.google.com/Doc?docid=0AVddwaLqrNHoZGRocWhjNGRfMnQ2aDZna2Nu&hl=en

in math we analyzed this data which is also on the google doc. if you're wondering why i seem obsessed with this here is why:
- it's math based on reality, not just made up situations
- each problem contains a series of skills that need to be mastered: addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. and then there's always a neat discussion about the results of these problems. so you have to see both the forrest and the trees.

we started a new book today: 'woe is i'. this book takes a fun look at grammar and punctuation. we'll get through as much of this book as we can till the end of the school year. the kids loved the first chapter about pronouns. i know, how could they enjoy that? it's the very funny kid-friendly writing style of the book.

homework: none.

we also visited mrs. byrne in the computer lab to explore a new animation software package that will be standard on the laptops next year. the kids will love this next year! i've posted a picture of the software on the blog.

have a wonderful evening,

mr. schwengel

May 11, 2010

the first 48 hours...

we started the day messageboarding about 'trial by journal'. the kids obviously loved the book and many said it was their favorite of the year. for those students, it may be a great idea to get them more mystery novels (hardy boys, 39 clues, etc.) this summer.

students also answered a troubleshooter based on an actual playground problem. i was impressed by the maturity some of the students showed in their responses. please always be sure to tell your child's teacher right away when things happen. playground incidents are like murders: if they aren't solved in the first 48 hours then they don't stand a chance to ever be solved.

we'll be moving into a lot of the myths and pre-conceptions about 5th grade. the kids will naturally be nervous and anxious. 5th grade is wonderful at punahou, though i'm concerned about the lack of kevin bacon in the curriculum to be honest.

in math we're onto symmetry and reflection. i have no idea how this would be used in the real world but since it has to do with spatial reasoning i like it.

in grammar the students took a pop test on sentence-editing. i've collected their classwork and will score it like an exam.

students spent the rest of the day in PE and helping me out with my annual design challenge of next year's t-shirts. the kids are coming up with some amazing ideas that may actually be sold and replicated on close to 600 shirts next year!

homework: t-shirt design challenge (optional)

have a wonderful evening,

mr. schwengel

May 10, 2010

Case closed!

spring fling: i'll be needing about four volunteers for may 24 and 25. my spring fling class of about 12 students will be setting up an Alex's Lemonade Stand benefitting childhood cancer. it's an easy gig from 8:00ish to 11:00ish. let me know if you can help out.

we started the day with a particularly difficult wordly wise test. students all have their incorrect answer sheets and i've posted a couple of the more difficult questions on the blog as well as the response report. there sure were some challenging questions!

in math i dictated the scores to the class that then had to determine the mean, mode, median, and range. the mean score was 25 with a range of 8. one student got a perfect score. students also had to calculate their own average correct.

the puberty talks were, well, please be sure to ask your child about it. i'm quite sure i have an entirely different perspective than the students.

we finished the 'trial by journal, which did not disappoint a single student.

homework: none.

students have all been given their explorer projects back. overall, i'm thrilled with the work of the students. i've posted two amazing sample letters that exceeded expectations.
27-30 Exceeded Expectations
24-26 Met Expectations
Under 24 did not meet expectations

those who did not meet expectations are encourage to re-do their letters or other work so that they meet expectations.

have a wonderful evening,

mr. schwengel

WW 12 RR

Download file

ww 12 3


ww 12 2


ww 12 1


Explorer Sample - Exceeds Expectations .

Dear President (and vice president) Bacon,

I think that I would be good for this journey because I know that I won't make the same mistakes from the past. For instance: Christopher Columbus made the mistake of selling the Indians as slaves. I would never sell Indians, as slave to other people, so what I would do instead was I'd let them free. If I found gold or treasure I would share it instead of trying to race back to the islands to see who gets to keep all of it like the people aboard the Pinta did.

I will not be like Hernando Cortes and do violence over violence, so instead I would talk to them with kind words. As they always say, "Love your enemies!" Anyway I would never take something that wasn't mine; But Giovanni da Verrazzano would. He captured a Spanish treasure ship sent from Mexico, by Hernando Cortes. The value of gold on the treasure ship was valued at nearly two million dollars!

I would never be like the pilot of the ship for Alvar Nunez Cabeza de Vaca. I would never just leave them stranded on a small island just to get out of danger; I would go out there and help them fight or help them settle things, so what I am trying to say here is that I would never leave my own crewmembers on an small island to die.

So you see President (and vice president) Bacon, all of these explorers made a mistake. But I won't make those same mistakes. I have studied some explorers and I know what they did wrong. So, do you think I could do this mission?

I also have the right tools for the job. I even have a list of the things that I might need on the mission.


Kennedy Ishii

Explorer Sample - Exceeds Expectations

Dear Mr. President,

Our names are Malia Kiang (35) and Natalie Leitner (36). We qualify for this job because we are very smart and talented. We're both very strong swimmers, so we would be able to handle traveling in low gravity if needed. Also we are very healthy because when we were children we used to- and still do- love to do athletic activities. We both have taken tennis lessons since second grade. I (Natalie) have also taken soccer since I was four. We studied at the number-one school in the country, Punahou. In Punahou we went to the Bishop planetarium and got to study the stars and planets.

We are very friendly, so we would not make the mistake Columbus did when he sold natives as slaves. However, we also know not to trust anyone we don't know well, so we will not make the same mistake Vasco Nunez de Balboa did when he trusted his enemies and got killed for it. We will make sure we know for sure that the aliens are trustworthy. Also we know how compasses work and will not make a mistake by using faulty compasses like Columbus did. As well, we trained with the best teacher in the world, Mr. Schwengel,- I'm sure you've heard of him- so we know enough that we will not make the mistake Christopher Columbus did when he miscalculated and ended up in what is now the Bahamas, when he was trying to reach the Indies.

I (Malia) know I would be a great choice to lead this mission because I am smart, and friendly like Balboa so I could make great friends with the natives and that way there could be no war. I am also not like Balboa in the way that I would not be very trustful of my enemies. I (Natalie) know I would be a great pick for this mission because just like Marco Polo I like to record my thoughts. So I can write in a journal on our mission, and people can read about it. In addition I am a responsible leader, I am kind considerate but firm. I shall not be scolded of my leadership like Columbus when he went to jail when he got in trouble with Ferdinand and Isabella because they had heard bad things about him from the Natives.

So we think that after you have read this letter we will have proved ourselves worthy of the job. Thank you very much for this incredible opportunity. We are so grateful, and wish you your well-being.


Natalie Leitner and Malia Kiang

May 7, 2010

Kahala Arby's Grand Opening!


Arby's is OPEN!

thank you so much for all the wonderful advice last night! it's crystal clear what i should do: i'm taking the wife to Iron Man 2 tonight with an exceptional mother's day plan on sunday. but this being our anniversary she won't have to wear an overcoat to smuggle in all our drinks, popcorn, and candy. lady wants junior mints then hey, get the big box tonight! on sunday, chili's has an amazing mother's day buffalo wing buffet ($17.99 per person). i think you're learning the reason everyone calls her "lucky!"

i was out this morning at the star-studded grand opening of the kahala arby's (see pic). hey, i know people.

the kids were treated to a 5th grade drama club performance this morning. this is another option open for 5th graders each year.

we argued over wordly wise words as a review of their meaning. today a good one was whether a snowball could penetrate skin or not?

in math we reviewed difficult calculations using multiplication and division.

students turned in and shared their explorer projects. they'll get scores next week.

'trial by journal' is enthralling the kids right now as the mystery is wrapping up. what's really fun about mysteries is going back and picking up on all the clues you missed the first time you read it.

homework: wordly wise test monday or tuesday.

have a wonderful mother's day! hope to see many of you at chili's!

mr. schwengel

p.s. and yes, there is the big puberty talk on monday. mr. nagel will be handling this for your sons, and a female teacher will be with the girls. you should have already read the letter that went home about this.

May 6, 2010

Flex Scheduling

i swear i had a plan for today, but it sorta went out the window because the kids wanted to work on their explorer reports for most of the morning. about half the students came in before school and just started working quietly and diligently, so i'm both flexible and able to see when the kids are passionately working on a project.

we had a maui celebration in the chapel and the students also had art in the afternoon.

since i know you allot a certain amount of time to my emails each day, here is a troubleshooter for you parents to help me out with:

Dear TroubleShooter,

I'm in quite a pickle this week and I desperately need your help. On Friday, I'll be celebrating my 6th wedding anniversary with the love of my life (that's my wife). Iron Man 2 also opens on Friday. Although I've been with my wife for six wonderful years, Iron Man has been a indispensable part of my life for the past 31 years. So you see the problem here, right? I believe we are constantly faced with challenges in our lives for a reason. What if this is a test of my loyalty? Who should I side with: my wife or Tony Stark? Both are very important to me and to be fair, Tony Stark has helped me through some really tough situations (bad break-ups and puberty). My wife is the mother of both my children, so I suppose she gets points for that. Please give me some helpful advice here!

Torn to Pieces in Tacoma

homework: explorer projects are due tomorrow. students will be allowed to print out their projects tomorrow morning in class.

have a great one!

mr. schwengel

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May 5, 2010

.42 is Unacceptable

in math today i discovered an astonishingly disappointing fact: the average student has only seen .42 kevin bacon movies in their lifetime. my data plot of 27 was thrown out as an outlier.

students are really starting to smell something fishy with this painting gorilla in 'trial by journal.' i've heard some absolutely ridiculous theories and let me tell ya, they are on the right track.

in grammar we learned about subject, object, and possessive pronouns. this will come up again when the kids are prepping for the SAT in a few years.

we were treated to a wonderfully patriotic chapel today with real life naval officers and a story about a slave who actually mailed himself in a box to freedom in the 1800s.

students were given time in class to work on their explorer projects. predictably, some students are spending an inordinate amount of time drawing their spaceships rather than working on their letters to president bacon. i'm monitoring this the best i can, but this is a life lesson that i continue to struggle with myself: given the choice between doing something i want to do and have to do is usually an easy (and unwise) choice for me.

homework: wordly wise work and explorer project.

have some chicken-fried steak tonight...i will! yay me!

mr. schwengel

May 4, 2010

Explorer Project


To the last minute...

we started the week with by reading 'trial by journal' in groups. the students are getting the notion that there are clues on just about every page which means they are slowing down their reading.

in math we are continuing with probability and dividing decimals.

students switched seats today which is always a big deal for kids this age.

students were given a final social studies assignment that'll really put things into perspective i hope. this assignment is, in my estimation, the whole reason we study history: so we don't repeat our mistakes. this has nothing to do with my ex-girlfriends by the way. i've posted the assignment on the blog. it is due friday. please be sure to talk to your child about this assignment which factors pretty big into their social studies grade.

we also started a new wordly wise lesson today. the test will be early next week with the workbook work due on thursday.

i've adopted a program in my class 'teaching to the last minute' that i find really helps, well, everything. you pay just as much for the last day of school as the 59th day, so we'll be learning on that last day of school like any other day.

i'll be needing spring fling volunteers on the mornings of may 24 and 25. more details to follow.

have a wonderful evening,

mr. schwengel

April 30, 2010

May Day Down

wow, was that a great may day! please don't give me an ounce of credit. auntie hattie and our classroom hula teachers deserve all the credit.

reminder: no school on monday! i've furloughed the kids because i'm running a $123 deficit at chili's.

homework: none.

we started the day reading quite a big chunk of 'trial by journal'. today, the kids were given a huge clue about the mystery. please be sure to ask your child about this book a couple times and ask questions. that'll really help with their comprehension.

in math we completed a data set and also calculated percentages based on a classroom survey. students are learning how to convert fractions to workable percentages in word problem format.

have a terrific weekend!

mr. schwengel

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April 29, 2010

May Day tomorrow

may day dismissal: things get crazy after may day so we won't be gathering for a class picture after the show. students who are leaving with their parents should hustle up to the classroom, grab their things, and leave with their parents. i'll be keeping the rest of the students until 2:35 as usual. i'd be happy to pose for pictures by myself after the show.

in math we are continuing with calculating sales prices.

'trial by journal' is going great. this book is full of nutty characters and an intriguing mystery.

may day dvd order forms are due on friday.

i just finished tori spelling's 'mommywood' book last night. easily the worst book i've ever had the displeasure of reading. let me know if you'd like to have it - not borrow it.

students responded to two timely troubleshooters. here are two wonderful responses:

Dear Dreading the Day,

I understand your problem. My advice to you is to dance. Nobody cares if you miss a step or two. All people really care about is if you're doing the best you can do. Also the point of Mayday is to have fun and be carefree. Now don't go saying I'm wrong, I have proof! In the Mayday song there is a line that says "Throwing aside a load of care". So there! My proof! Ha! (Triumphant smile) Even if I could get you out of dancing, I wouldn't! I believe that you should dance. Besides, like Mr.Schwengel said, if you truly are bad at dancing then you'll make everyone else look better! Good Luck!


P.S. DANCE! I know you can do it if you try.

Dear Worried, (about Spring Fling courses)

If you want advice from me, don't "fall in love" with doing the lemonade stand and rolling in the mud. Because then if you don't you might not be so disappointed when you don't get what you want. Try picking other choices that you SUPER love besides the lemonade stand and rolling in the mud. And I'm not saying forget about the lemonade stand and rolling in the mud because there is a chance that you might get it--I said might so don't get all angry when you don't get what you want because then your being a big baby (sorry to sound so rude) and don't forget that other people want what you want to--okay? So I hope this advice helps you hope you get what you want.