These are books recommended by Punahou students in grades nine and ten over the last several years. The name of the student recommending the book is listed after the brief summary the student wrote.



Tales from Watership Down

Adams, Richard         


A collection of stories displaying friendship, compassion, and survival in the rabbit world. It shows how humans are feared by many species. It is not the original Watership Down, but it has the same characters in it.    Janice Staab


Tuesdays with Morrie

Albom, Mitch


This book is about a dying man who is doing everything he can to enjoy the rest of his life. Every Tuesday, his former student visits him to revive the professor/student relationship they had in college. This is a very touching story which incorporates valuable life lessons.            Alli Tsuchida

Allende, Isabel


If you're looking for a book with excitement, here's the book you want to read.  It's about a young girl who tries to find her true love, but when she gets to him, she has to decide, is he the right guy for her?  You won't be able to put the book down because it is filled with romantic scenes and adventure. Chelsea Deptula



Anderson, Laurie       


Kate Malone is a high school senior who only applies to MIT. Then her arch-enemy and her little brother move in with her. See how Kate copes with obstacles that await her. I would recommend this book for anyone.         Christine Okada


Go Ask Alice 



Go Ask Alice is a true story told in diary form about a 15-year-old girlÕs struggle with drugs. Alice deals with addiction, rape, peer pressure and self-mutilation. Go Ask Alice is a great book and you will never forget AliceÕs story.             Kate Ganiron


A Spell for Chameleon

Anthony, Piers           


A man named Bink lives in a world in which everyonehas talent. Bink, however, appears to be an exception. If you like to see famous mythological characters like Medusa in a humorous setting, then I suggest you try this book.           Nick Tyau


On a Pale Horse

Anthony, Piers           


A fantasy about another look into heaven, hell, and everything in between. Part of a series.  Aviv Grill


Clan of the Cave Bear

Auel, Jean      


A girl is abandoned by her family and adopted by the strange bear clan. Learning to fit in with a group of strangers and growing into a person of her own, Alia is challenged greatly. I learned a lot and it moved and inspired me to become a better person.         Lindsay Yuh



Valley of the Horses  

Auel, Jean      


This novel features a young woman shunned from her clan. It takes place in the time of cavepeople, when civilization was scarce. It gives meaning to the phrase Òsurvivalof the fittest.Ó Amelia Fong


Jonathan Livingston Seagull

Bach, Richard


A rather peculiar yet intricate story. Totally different from the kinds of books you may be used to. It deals with the idea of reincarnation. The author weaves a story about seagulls into a book describing human nature.        Sharaya Llanes


Jonathan Livingston Seagull

Bach, Richard 


Jonathan Livingston Seagull is about a seagull who goes through a journey for he meaning of life. While he finds it, other seagulls donÕt believe him. He goes away from his flock to expand his learning.      Geoffrey Zen


The Thief of Always  

Barker, Clive  


A young boy wants to end his boredom and goes to the holiday house, a place where all his wishes come true. From the moment he arrives, he has an eerie feeling about the house and finds himself trapped there.         Alyssa Ching


The Thief of Always  

Barker, Clive  


Harvey is bored with his life, so when he is invited to Mr. HoodÕs Holiday house, he eagerly goes. The house seems like a dream house in which you get whtever you want. But thereÕs a darker side to the house that starts to show its face and Harvey must learn how to defeat it to save himself and all the other chioldren that have fallen into its trap.  Kelly Suzuki


Life in the Fat Lane

Bennett, Cherie           


A great novel about a sixteen-year-old girl who has everything going for her. Great boyfriend, very popular, beauty pageant winner, homecoming queen. She suddenly becomes fat by a rare and incurable disease. Find out what she goes through and the true people who stick by her.     Kari Tanimoto


The Martian Chronicles

Bradbury, Ray


A book about men who keep trying to land on a far-off land. Their attempts keep failing until theday they arrive to meet a strange race: bronze men and women with eyes like gold coins who wear masks to hide their feelings.     Christine Wong


Jane Eyre

Bronte, Charlotte        


This book is about a young woman named Jane Eyre. She is a very educated, respectful and honest girl who falls in love with the master of the house she works in, despite their differences in wealth and class. This book deals with love and faith and is very descriptive. There are several twists in the story that make you want to keep reading.          Arielle Kramer


First King of Shannara

Brooks, Terry


The druids of old have gone into hiding after near genocide. The last magic-using druid must now stop the being that almost brought their end. A story of magic and power. A must read for all fantasy lovers.            John Dubiel


First King of Shannara

Brooks, Terry


This book is about an evil warlock lord who is starting to defeat the four races. The problem is, nobody understands this threat except Bremen and some of his friends. They alone have to set out and warn the races and have them unite against the warlock lord before it is too late.      Janice Chen


Angels and Demons   

Brown, Dan   


This book is a book you just canÕt stop reading. Once you start, the fun doesnÕt stop. This book is full of twists and turns.            David Huang


Deception Point

Brown, Dan


This book is filled with colorful characters, a breathtakingh storyline and lots of interesting information. For anyone who likes sci fi, mystery and suspense this is a great book. It deals with space technology, government plots and the people that influence it all.      Amy Berthiaume


The Da Vinci Code

Brown, Dan   


An exciting and fast-paced book. Plot twists will keep you guessing until the end.    Ryan Brownlie


The Da Vinci Code

Brown, Dan   


A man named Robert Langon does on the adventure of a lifetime. An adventure which holds numerous unexpected twistsn and leaves the reader with an uneasy question about religion. This is an excellent book.       Chelsea Yim


The Da Vinci Code

Brown, Dan   


A fantastic blend of fact and fiction. Dan Brown creates a world which pulls you in and creates the illusion of reality. A thrilling book to read.    Jason Keyes



Cabot, Meg    


This book is about a sixteen-year-old girl named Susannah Simon who has a special gift of seeing and interacting with the dead. The problem is that someone just like her, Paul, is out and about and ready to get after her for some unknown reason. She never expected to be haunted by someone who isnÕt dead.  Maile Yee


Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul

Canfield, Jack


A great book. If youÕre like me, you love short stories that are written with feeling. This is truly chicken soup for a teenagerÕs soul.            Michelle Wong


Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul

Canfield, Jack


This heartwarming book consists of stories that were submitted by teenagers . The short stories about friends, family, and life in general will make you want to cozy up in front of a fire, eating a hot bowl of chicken soup.  Dana Rucci


How to Win Friends and Influence People

Carnegie, Dale            


This is an awesome, moving book. Dale Carnegie shows a clear mastery at the art of interaction between people. He brings to light human behavior and how to understand it. Vivid in detail. Skillfully done.

Kyle Seminara


The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Chbosky, Stephen      


If you enjoyed The Catcher in the Rye, you will definitely enjoy The Perks of Being a Wallflower. This book is about a boy and his new experiences duirng his first year in high school.         Keegen


The Hunt for Red October

Clancy, Tom   


Imagine that the Russians have created a super sub that is virtually undetectable. To make things worse, the sub is on a warpath toward America. If you like war stories, this is for you.         Jason Kamimoto


The Hunt for Red October

Clancy, Tom   


An exciting strategic war game between the U.S. and Soviet Union. Filled with adventure as the Red October roams around the bottom of the sea.           

Eddie Would Go

Coleman, Stuart          


This is a biography of Eddie Aikau. It is an in-depth look into his life as well as surfing, music and political topics of the 60Õs and 70Õs. A very easy read. I highly recommend it to ocean lovers and surfers.    Gerrit Evensen


Heart of Darkness

Conrad, Joseph          


This story is about a man who goes up the Congo River at the height of European colonialism. The book explain human nature and the corruption of power. The movie Apocalypse Now is based on it.      Andrew Ho


Chromosome 6

Cook, Robin   


Robin Cook writes a lot of detailed books. Very good author.           Kyle Seminara


The Chocolate War

Cormier, Robert         


This book is about an all-out chocolate war. A freshman is put through hell and emotional pain. A chocolate sale gone wrong. This is a great book.      Ross Sakai


Jurassic Park

Crichton, Michael       


Genetic engineering has made it possible for dinosaurs to return after 65 million years ago. I enjoyed reading this book because of the high-tech fantasy and CrichtonÕs gripping writing style. Having read some of his other books, such as The Andromeda Strain, I have come to appreciate his method of composing a novel.  Eric Pennaz


Jurassic Park

Crichton, Michael       


Jurassic Park is a very well written sci-fi thriller. If youÕve seen the movie and loved it, then you should definitely read this book. Chris Shimizu


The Count of Monte Cristo    

Dumas, Alexandre     


Edmond Dantes is betrayed by two men, one of whom goes on to marry his love. A book based solely on the vengeance of Edmond Dantes in Napoleonic times.    Uihan Kim


I Know What You Did Last Summer

Duncan, Lois  


A fast-paced book about teenagers who accidentally murder a kid while driving drunk. It is very suspenseful and mysterious. Once you start reading it, you donÕt want to stop because you want to know what happens next.          Briana Ackerman


I know what you did last Summer

Duncan, Lois  


Buying this book was definitely worth it. ItÕs full of suspense and itÕs a true thriller. There was never a part in this book where the suspense decreased.                    Jenn Park


Stranger with My Face

Duncan, Lois  


A girl finds out she was adopted and has a twin. The twin can astrally project herself. People always see the projection of her twin and think itÕs her. Soon, her twin starts to ruin her.           Julia Matsunaga


Stranger with My Face

Duncan, Lois  


The plot centers around two twins separated at birth. One is adopted, the other is not. The one who wasnÕt adopted attempts revenge by means of astral projection.       Tina Hamayasu


KingÕs Dragon

Elliot, Kate     


A concubineÕs life changes after she becomes an eagle, serving as a kingÕs messenger trapped in a city under siege. It was a time when dying was an honor and unity was valued.     Amelia Fong


Love Medicine

Erdrich, Louise           


This book is about an Indian family and how they adjust to modern times. They have a lot of family problems. Each chapter is from a different characterÕs point of view so you get an insight into each main character. Some chapters take place in the past. Very detailed.            Mike Koga


The Horse Whisperer

Evans, Nicholas         


A young girl goes horseback riding with her friend and they get into an accident. Her friend dies and the story is about her learning to ride a horse again. I really loved the plot; itÕs very emotional.          Kristen Lozada


Ellen Foster

Gibbons, Kaye           


This is about a young girl whose relatives are all either crazy or dead. She does not want to follow the same path. Getting through life after being sexually abused is difficult but it shows how strong Ellen is. This book is well written. You never want to put it down.        Kristen Lozada


Ellen Foster

Gibbons, Kaye           


This is a well-written book about what you think will never happen to you. It starts off with a daughter trying to think of a way to kill her father. The story draws you in and you just canÕt put it down until you know what happens to her. This story shows how some people need love and caring more than anything in the world.        Lexie Timpson


Fat Kid Rules the World

Going  K.L.    


An excellent book for a musician. People who understand music can easily connect themes from this book to their life. Short and fun to read!    Alex Zeng


Bee Season

Goldberg, Myla          


I highly recommend this book. It is about a young girl who finds out she is very good at spelling, and how she struggles with her eccentric family. This is a particularly good book because the language is rich and it is very articulate.            Jill Kinkley


The Lord of the Flies

Golding, William        


A group of boys stranded on an island create a society while waiting for rescue. As time passes, their society falls into chaos and war.            Kelsey Inouye



Grisham, John            


The book Bleachers tests the emotions of the reader, especially an athlete. It allows for personal connection with both characters from the book. ItÕs hard to put down.    Rob Kishi


The Client

Grisham, John            

Imagine if you knew something so important people would kill you just so you couldnÕt tell. ThatÕs whatÕs happened to a little boy in this book. He gets a lawyer who tries to help him stay alive.         Tricia Usagawa


The Partner

Grisham, John            


They had found him. After four years of searching, they finally found Danilo Silva, known to most as Patrick Lanigan, in a small village called Ponta Pora, Brazil. They knew the ninety million dollars was still around. There was just the matter of getting that information out of Patrick. A story about suspense and deceit.                Devin Lee


The Testament

Grisham, John            


This book is about a greedy family and their very rich relative. This old rich relative is on his deathbed. He rewrites his will and commits suicide. The new will is not shown to the family for a month. When it is opened, the family discovers history and learns new lessons.            Renee Watkins


The Client

Grisham , John           


A young boy from New Orleans has received information on the whereabouts of a dead senatorÕs body. His testimony would ensure the conviction of a notorious gangster, but would at the same time would put his own life at stake. Develops fast. Good detail.            Peter Estermann


Starship Troopers

Heinlein, Robert         


Juan Rico, a Filipino teenager, from a very wealthy family, joins the army against his familyÕs wishes and goes to the toughest boot camp in the galaxy. Lots of action, violence, and gore. Very entertaining.       Dina McLeod


Starship Troopers

Heinlein, Robert         


If you like suspense, military action and science fiction, then this is the book for you. Juan Rico joins the mobile infantry and trains to be able to battle anything in combat. Will he be able to defeat the Arachnids and win the ÒBug WarÓ?   Ryan Goo



Heller, Joseph            


This book is about a group of soldiers during one of the world wars. One soldier, Yossarian, wants to leave the army. However, thereÕs a catch: you can only leave if youÕre crazy. And if you want to leave the army, it proves youÕre sane. ItÕs really funny.          Dina McLeod



Heller, Joseph


A story about a bombadier named Yossarrian who tries to leave the army during World War II. A classic page turner.       Cory Wong



Heller, Joseph


Catch-22 is filled with excitement and humor. Yossarian, a bomber in World War II, desperately wants to get out of the army. At times, he even poisons peopleÕs food to get out of as man y missions as he can. Catch-22 may be long, but it is worth reading.         Conor McGiven



Heller, Joseph            


The book is about the story of Yossarion, an Air Force captain who is tired of WWII. He wants to go home and tries many things: acting sick, having a faulty airplane and running around naked trying to look crazy. The bookÕs irony and satire are really funny. Greg Harbison


The Old Man and the Sea

Hemingway, Ernest    


This classic book is filled with the struggles that go along with maintaining pride, courage, and determination. An old man who lives in a simple fishing town is faced with the obstacle of bringing a marvelous fish home. The simple writing style resembles the manÕs simple life. ItÕs a must!      Amy Bender


The Outsiders

Hinton, S.E.   


A kid named Ponyboy lives in a neighborhood where gangs and violence reign supreme. When a person from PonyboyÕs gang kills another rival gang member, he and his friends must hide from the law and rival gang members who are out to put them either in juvenile hall or the cemetery.    Josh Hall


The Outsiders

Hinton S.E.    


This book is about a fourteern-year-old boy who lives in a neighborhood full of gangs, drugs and violence. Throughout the book he tries to find out who he is. Full of action and drama. Great book.      Clayton Cheung


A Time for Dancing

Hurwin, Davida Wills            


This is an inspiring story about two girls who become best friends through dance. When one of the girls discovers she has cancer, the book switches gears and focuses on the girlsÕ efforts in coming to terms with their ordeal.            LeeAnn Tanaka



Jacques, Brian


The novel Mossflower is the story behind the Redwall series and spotlights the great warrior, Martin. This enchanting tale contains the politics of bad and good as well as a war for freedom.           DJ Kim


Redwall Series (any)

Jacques, Brian            


This is a series about a community of mice who experience many hardships. But as in any good adventure, a hero is born and he tries to lead his mice to triumph. ItÕs a series of fantasies that plays with your imagination and challenges your mind.         Todd LaFountaine


The Secret Life of Bees

Kidd, Sue       


This is a touching story of a young girlÕs adventure as she searches for maternal love. Full of eccentric characters, this book is a must-read for young adults.         Gina Coscina


Apollo 13

Kluger et al.    


On April 13, 1970 the fifth mission to the moon, Apollo 13, was rocked with an explosion. As the three-man crew hurtled through space with no power and little water, the world stood still. Now the lives of these three men depend on the ground team at Houston, who have little idea what to do.   Dale Yasunaga


A Separate Peace

Knowles, John           


This novel is about the friendship between two teenaged boys, Gene and Phineas. They overcome obstacles of their friendship :jealousy, hatred, and growing up. If you want a short, touching book, read this.          Siyi Liu


A Ring of Endless Light        

LÕEngle, Madeline      


In this book a teenage girl is being treated like a child, even though all she wants right now is to be treated as an adult.       Julie Chang


To Kill a Mockingbird

Lee, Harper    


A novel about a neighbor who has not been seen for the last 10 years. He is described as a monster and is blamed for all of the townÕs crimes, but this does not stop him from doing a good deed when it counts most.       Tina Hamayasu


To Kill a Mockingbird

Lee, Harper    


Scout Finch leads you into the mind-twisting world of Maycomb. She takes the reader through an unjust trial of an unfairly accused man. She also takes you into the minds and thoughts of key characters explaining about an unseen, unheard, dangerous neighbor. Who is this man? Is he really dangerous?  Kristen Zodrow


To Kill a Mockingbird

Lee, Harper    

This classic novel is told from the perspective of a little girl named Scout. It shows the part she plays in a series of events that go on it Maycomb County. Mainly a dramatic court trial in which her father defends a black man accused of a crime he did not commit. It will entertain and intrigue you.       Annie Hackett



To Kill a Mockingbird

Lee, Harper    


This book features a pack of rascals trying to find out who ÒBooÓ is. They have some close calls in the story. Will they find out who he really is? Interesting and well written. Eric Liebert


The Contender

Lipsyte, Robert           


This book is about a boy who is having a hard time in school and so turns to boxing. He learns very valuable things necessary for life from this experience as a boxer.       Blaine Matsuura


The Book of Three

Lloyd, Christopher     


A boy is sent to save the princess he is in love with. On the way to her rescue, he runs into wizards and monsters. Follow this boy through his many exciting adventures and be stunned by the table-turning ending. Very exciting.      Carl Osborne


The Giver

Lowry, Lois   


This book is about a boy who lives in a very orderly community. Throughout this book he experiences unusual things that have never happened to him before.          Jen Miura


The Giver

Lowry, Lois   


This book is about a young boy living in a ÒcolorlessÓ society without emotion and his struggle for change. It challenged my perception of life and everything in it. It forced me to rethink many of my beliefs and opened my eyes to an entirely different reality. If you are looking for a truly thought-provoking book, this is the book for you. Kara Furmark


The Giver

Lowry, Lois   


I read this book because my friend told me itÕs a good book and I saw it on theÕTop 20Ó shelf in the bookstore. ItÕs actually pretty good, but a little confusing. The author makes us think a lot about the story.     Tiffany Hwang


The Giver

Lowry, Lois   


Jonas lives in an isolated community. No one there knows where they are—nobody cares. His and everyone elseÕs life is mapped out by the Elders. No one has to make a decision for himself, but in exchange, all of lifeÕs pleasures are taken away. There are no emotions or colors in this community. When Jonas is assigned to receive training from the Giver, not only will it change his life, but those around him as well. I highly recommend this book. If you want a book that will give your brain a workout, this is for you.       Ryan Taber



McNeal, Laura and Tom        


This is a story full of mystery, lies, humor, love and self-discovery. It is about a 15-year-old boy in search of answers who ends up finding more than he bargained for.     Mary Daily



Miller, Barbara (Tr.)   


The Gita is a very difficult but short dialogue. If you want to read a very knowledgable book which will broaden your mind and perspectives, read this book.   Tanden Hayes


The Unwanted

Nguyen, Kien


Fascinating book, a memoir of the childhood of Kien. After his family is thrust into poverty, will they be able to survive the post Vietnam conflict in 1975? A story of KienÕs childhood and how his mixed background makes him the most unwanted.        Eric Makino



Nix, Garth      


This is a story about a girl who comes from a long line of necromancers. When an evil ÒthingÓ comes, she fights beside her father until her father is killed and leaves her all alone to defeat the evil. Well written. Recommended for any one who likes stories in the medieval age and/or magic    Chris Lau


If I should Die Before I Wake

Nolan, Han     


This book is about a girl named Hilary who is in a Neo-Nazi gang in her town. She is in a critical accident that sends her to the Jewish Hospital. While teetering between life and death, Hilary starts to get memories of a life she never lived, a life of a Jewish girl named Chana who lived in Poland during WWII. I highly recommend this book because it gives you a feeling of what was felt during the Holocaust. It also gives you different views on life. Tiffany Yoon


Z for Zachariah

OÕBrien, Robert         


Ann Burden thinks she is the only person left on earth until she meets John Loomis. At first he seems like a nice man, but then he becomes mean and irritable. The continuation of the human species lies in AnnÕs hands. Will she have children with someone she dislikes? Dorian Kitaoka


Z is for Zachariah

OÕBrien, Robert         


Ann Burden appears to be the only survivor of a nuclear war. One day, a man named John Loomis makes his way to her home. SheÕs excited yet frightened by his arrival. They attempt to maintain a friendship in spite of JohnÕs angry outbursts. Will they both survive?             Stacie Holguin




Orwell, George          


An excellent warning and vision of a Negative Utopia. Follow Winston Smith as he tries to survive in the hellish world of Oceania. Written in 1949 by the prestigious Orwell, 1984 is a true classic.       Noah Baron



Paolini, Chistopher     


Eragon is an excellent book about magic, dragons and swords. It is simpler than The Lord of the Rings yet more gruesome than Harry Potter. i recommend this book to anyone and everyone. ItÕs very interesting and will draw you in and make you want to keep on reading.            Chris Alm


HeroÕs Song

Pattou, Edith   


Colllun is just a farm boy, but when his sister disappears he must become a warrior. He makes allies and goes on the journey of his life.            Nick Leong


A Child Called ÒItÓ

Pelzer, Dave   


I would recommend this book because it is an emotional, inspirational story about lifeÕs lessons. A story which may make you change your attitude toward life and may help end child abuse around the world.  Amber Lopes


Summer of the Monkeys

Rawls, Wilson            


A group of monkeys escapes from their leader. He offers a substantial reward that people would do anything for. He also hides an important secret.          Blake Hatada


Princess Nevermore

Regan, Dian Curtis     


A teenage girl from another world falls on earth. Earth is a very dangerous place for her. While on earth, she faces the most important decision of her life. She must choose carefully for her life is at stake.            Emily Hodges


All Quiet on the Western Front

Remarque, Erich         


This book shows war through the eyes of a German soldier in World War I. It has a surprising plot and setting. It is based on a soldierÕs diary. Although this book is depressing, I still recommend it.            Shawn Usman


Away Laughing on a Fast Camel

Rennison, Louise       


This is the fifth book of a series. I thought these books were very enjoyable and funny. ItÕs about a girl named Georgia who writes in her diary about all the super wacky things she goes through.       Jojo Muraoka


Interview with a Vampire       

Rice, Anne     


This book is a fascinating look into the lives of vampires. It has an interesting point of view and is very well written, telling the story of a lone vampire.   Tyler Gold


The Queen of Diamonds

Rice, Anne     


Beautifully written account of the first vampires and their lives. Mainly focuses on the first one created. If you enjoy history, this book revolves around a lot of it. Third in a series.   Chris Ritson


Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Rowling, J.K  


HeÕs back! Harry Potter is entering his fourth year at Hogwarts High School. Still young at heart, Harry gets into loads of mischief and trouble. There is a tournament for the best wizard of three schools. Harry is mysteriously entered by an unknown person and finds his life in danger.        Chris Iwamura


Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Rowling, J.K.


This book is about a teenage boy and his experiences in his fifth year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Witchery. I think that if you like adventure, and a book thatÕs different from the rest, then youÕll find this to be very interesting. ItÕs an awesome book. Joshua Gusman



Sachar, Lewis


Holes is about a boy named Stanley Yelnats who got sent to a juvenile detention camp called Camp Green Lake for stealing a baseball playerÕs shoes. The kids have to dig a hole five feet deep and five feet in diameter every day. They are told they are digging holes to teach them a lesson, but Stanley believes they are looking for something.   Cody Noyama


Under the Blood Red Sun

Salisbury, Graham     


ItÕs 1942, and the U. S. is in the middle of the war. A teenage boy named Tomikazu finds himself alone because his family has been arrested by the government. This basis of this arrest: their Japanese heritage. What does he do? Great book which takes place right in the islands.            Michael Lam


Me Talk Pretty Some Day

Sedaris, David


This book is hilarious, maybe the funniest book IÕve ever read. Read it. Oh my god, read it. ItÕs funny and interesting. Read it.      Alan Chang


Cirque du Freak: The Saga of Darren Shan

Shan, Darren  


Darren Shan, an average boy who had everything going for him , lived a perfect life until his best friend Alan brought a flyer about Cirque du Freak to school one day. This leads to Darren entering the world of vampires.     Myrel Agbayani


Demon Tech Gulf Run book 3

Sherman, David         


A story about two marines in medieval times trying to fight their way to freedom.    Eric Imada


Of Mice and Men

Steinbeck, John          


This book is about two men who travel from town to town looking for a job. The story then follows their lifestyle in working at this farm.            Jenna Kosaki



Stoker, Bram  


This horrific book about bloodthirsty vampires will have you breaking out in a cold sweat. If you like to be frightened, this book will keep you awake at night.     Aviv Grill



Stoker, Bram  


A suspenseful, horrific tale of good versus evil.         Kaui Low


The Joy Luck Club

Tan, Amy       


This book is good if you want to move fast. Does not have any ÒwastedÓ descriptions and almost every part is relevant to the story. It starts out with a party in which daughters reflect on their relationships with their mothers. ItÕs about how the expectations of parents influence the lives of children.          Jeff Okada


The Joy Luck Club

Tan, Amy       


This book contains a recollection of stories from four Chinese women and their daughters. It show the clashing of Chinese and American culture and the uniting of mother to daughters. This book is full of secrets, overcoming, understanding, and connections. I would definitely recommend this book. Alyssa Pyun


King Arthur

Thompson, Frank       


In this novel, we clearly see that the author put a lot of time in the description and sentiments of his characters. Nonetheless, the book remained mildy written in terms of its literary style. I would only recommend the book to someone who likes action/adventure or history novels. Thomas Jones


The Hobbit



J.R.R   Bilbo Baggins goes on a great quest to recover stolen treasure. Excellent fantasy, really keeps you suspended when it leads you away from the normal and plunges you into the unknown.     Peter Biehl


The Hobbit

Tolkien, J.R.R.           


A good book fopr people who like adventures and many interesting characters. Bilbo Baggins and thirteen other friends go on an epic adventure to the Lonely Mountains to get back their stolen treasures. Shane Peterman


DiceyÕs Song 

Voight, Cynthia          


Imagine awakening in a car to find that you have been abandoned by your mother. You reach into your pocket and find that you have only $7.00. On top of that you have seven younger siblings to take care of. ThatÕs what happens in this story to a teenager named Dicey. Read it to find out what happens.        Julie Chang


DiceyÕs Song 

Voight, Cynthia          


Taking care of her family is what thirteen0year-old Dicey does best. But now that they have found Gram, Dicey is left with nothing to do. Still, old habits die hard and Dicey learns how to cope with her familyÕs new situation through this wonderful, life-learning book filled with detailed descriptions of Maryland.     


The Homecoming

Voight, Cynthia          


Four kids are abandoned by their mother. With just a few dollars, they have to go look for their grandmother that theyÕve never met. ItÕs adventurous and shows how strong family ties can be.          Kellie Kong


Losing is not an Option

Wallace, Rich 


Wallace articulately describes a wonderful teenage boy named Ronny. Ronny is a sports addict but still manages to have time to spend with his friends. This is a great read for anyone who likes sports.  Bryson Nakamura


Friendship with God  

Walsch, Neale


This book ventures into a spiritual journey with God. It answers questions about God and also about yourself. A Friendship with God is a guide that will help you start your own relationship with God.           Alyson Ayers


This BoyÕs Life: a Memoir

Wolff, Tobias


A dramatic, humorous story of a boy and his endeavors—overcoming abuse, stealing cars and learning about himself.       Pauline Kunichika


DragonÕs Blood

Yep, Lawrence           


This book is about a boy secretly raising a baby dragon, hoping it will become one of the greatest fighting dragons in the world. For people who like fast action and stories about dragons.           Matt Nakagawa



The Mists of Avalon  

Zimmer Bradley, Marion        


This Arthurian legend focuses on the women surrounding King Arthur. It is told from their perspective and involves Avalon, the land of magi and the goddess. Chloe Hartwell



Zindel  Paul    


Legendary sea creatures from an enchanted lake come face to face with humans. Read as fishermen try to kill them while young teenagers try to save them from extinction by doing anything they can. Nick Quon