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About Pod Pros

A Pod Pro is the next generation tennis teaching professional. Young consumers are often the architects of change in our profession. Tennis Pod Pro Videos wants to include you by offering to publish your videos in our podcast. Amateur or professional film makers can take advantage of this service. This "low-fi production" is what fits the purpose of this platform. It is the content of the video and not necessarily the quality of the video that matters. However, please talk while you're video-taping to explain the drills as quickly as you can.

Podcasting is free and there is no limit to the number of videos you can submit. Multiple submissions are encouraged. Keep in mind that the video filming landscape is changing. In 2006, it's been all about "close-ups." Movie makers are now making films to specifically fit on a small screen like an iPod. Keep this in mind when filming your video. After you submit a video, you do not have to visit this site again. All videos are updated on your iTunes library immediately through the Podcast. You will also appreciate the fact that you can take your ipod on the go and view it when you can give it your full attention.

Take your video camera on court and shoot your favorite video drill. Most digital cameras can shoot a MPEG4, AVI or MOV short video. Any one minute drill, tip or game can be sent through e-mail. If your video needs more than one minute you may have to send it separately, in one minute segments to be spliced together later. Or, you can put the video on a CD or mini-dv and mail it in. Your internet server may limit the size of e-mail that can be sent. Please check your internet providers limit on the size of e-mail that you can send.

If you are an advanced computer movie maker, follow these step by step instructions to get your video published:

1. Shoot a 1 minute video on your digital camera or movie camera.
2. Download it on to your desktop.
3. Open iTunes and select "Video"
4. Drag the video into the iTunes screen and it will upload.
5. Select "Advanced"
6. Scroll down and select "Convert Selection for iPod"
7. Two movies will appear on your "Video Library", drag the converted MPEG4 file back on to your desktop.
8. Send it as an E-mail attachment to: lcouillard@punahou.edu

Punahou's e-mail maximum limit is 11 megs, about a minute of compressed video. However, free e-mail services such as Hot Mail have a 2 meg limit.

E-mail your video to: lcouillard@punahou.edu or
transfer your video onto a CD or mini-dv and mail it to:

Lee Couillard
2009 Puowaina Drive
Honolulu, HI 96813

For a small editing fee we can add services such as splicing, split-screening, titles or voice over to your video.


Hey tennispodpro...I'm curious about something...

When you did your defensive analysis study where in you looked to see how much running Nadal does compared to Federer(which was a brilliant study BTW)...why not try the same approach on other top players he plays to see how their performance is affected? Why not try to see if there are other players who actually do better when doing more running? Murray?

Just a thought.


Hi Fay,

The video you are referring too is called "Athletic Stance" Here it is:


There are great tips and drills on Tennis Channel but I like your detailed explanation better. I cant think of the name of the pro, but the host... who teaches the this one tip often refers to some of the same stuff you were teaching and demonstrating.

Anyhow, thanks for all the help


Hi I watched a great video explanation of why Andy Roddick being too high in the knee cost him the Wimby finals against Federer.
Does anyone know where I can find it. I swear I saw it here on my subscription to this site on iTunes. Please help, I wish I had kept that one! Fay Kelley, Sedona, AZ, 928-600-1733

I finally decided to drop a comment, and let me tell you this is another very strong and powerful site.

Tennispodpro, your videos are great people in Canada are so lucky to have you you have helped my game so much with your straight forward lessons. you dont seem to be putting out as many new video's, is this just because your so busy.

All the best,

Hi there,

Excellent videos but very hard to find you. ;)

I'll upload some mini tennis drills to you soon, give me a day or two.

You can check some of them in the tennis drills section of my website.

Best regards,


Enjoying your podcasts. Have you seen this one by Oscar Wegner?


What do you think of his method?

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