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September 30, 2008


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Here is a short clip about pronation from a recent lecture by Dr. Martin Baroch at the USPTA World Conference held at the La Quinta Resort & Spa in California.

Dr. Martin G. Baroch (Dr.MGB) - Coach, Educator, Speaker, Physician, Producer, Consultant, Mentor, Critical Thinker and Philanthropist, for over 20 years fully active and independent in the tennis business and in all of its facets worldwide. Besides tennis also widely involved in other sports (mainly skiing, soccer, ice hockey, track and field) as well as in human performance & health enhancement areas, sports related management & marketing and liberal-conservative politics. Currently one of the top independent tennis speakers worldwide.

"It is my enormous pleasure to share with you my knowledge and worldwide experience in various areas helping you to make tennis, other sports and human performance working in an efficient way for you, however you are a tennis/sports professional, tennis player of any level, athlete, coach, manager, politician or an average person. Besides the worldwide unique comprehensive knowledge of the entire tennis field, my other main areas are in logical, practical and easy to understand application of medical, sport science as well as management and marketing know-how into the daily sports life, sports business and healthy performance oriented lifestyle. Interdisciplinary thinking based on common sense and making things happen are then my real passion."

Main Affiliations:

* Czech Professional Tennis Association (CPTA) - Founder (1992), First President (1992-94), Vice-President - Director of Education, Head Tester (1995-current)
* United States Professional Tennis Association (USPTA) - Professional 1, International Head Tester, Member of National Education Committee (Certified member since 1992)
* Professional Tennis Registry (PTR) - Professional 5 A (Certified member since 1990)
* European Registry of Tennis Professionals (RPT Europe) - Adultennis Trainer
* Swiss Tennis Teacher's Association (TVS) - Certified Member
* Swiss Tennis Association - Registered Player, Official
* United States Tennis Association (USTA) - Member
* Lawn Tennis Association (LTA) - Member
* APE Tenis Espana - Honorary Member
* Society for Tennis Medicine and Science (STMS) - Member

Main Education:


European Registry of Tennis Professionals - Adultennis Course, 2004

Swiss Tennis Association - Tournament Director/Referee, 1998-2001

USPTA - Tester Education, USA/ Czech Republic, 1997-98

Professional Coaching School of the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports at Charles University, Prague / Czech Republic - 1st Class Czech Coaching Licence in Tennis, 1993-5

Association of Swiss Tennis Teachers - Tennis Teacher's Course, Switzerland, 1993

USTA - Sports Science Courses, USA, 1992-4

USPTA - Course and Testing, USA, 1992

USPTA/USPTR - Business Management Courses, USA, 1991-2

USPTR - Course and Testing, USA, 1990

Faculty of General Medicine at Charles University, Prague/Czechoslovakia - Doctor of General Medicine - MD, 1984-90

Tennis Coaches School - Czech Tennis Association - 2nd class License, Czechoslovakia, 1988

Tennis Coaches School - Czech Tennis Association - 3rd Class License, Czechoslovakia, 1986


* Czech - native
* German - fluent
* English - fluent
* Serbo-Croatian - active
* French, Italian, Russian - traces

Main Experience:

* MGB Sports GmbH/LLC - corporate structure above all business activities - Owner/Director - since 2001
* Martin Baroch Tennis Academy & Human Performance Center - Owner/Director - comprehensive tennis programs for all levels of highly motivated tennis players, education courses for tennis teachers and coaches (base of the CPTA education courses), performance guidance for other athletes and corporate athletes as well as healthy lifestyle - Czech Republic 1991-3, Switzerland since 1993
* Coaching/consulting during Grand Slams, ATP/WTA, Challenger, Feature, Satellite & National tournaments as well as ITF/TE events worldwide - since 1991
* Professional coaching of pro tennis players (among clients - Petr Korda, Martin Strelba, Jan Krejci, Sandra Kleinova, Kristina Triska, Eva Birnerova, Hana Sromova, Vania King) - since 1987
* General performance and psychology coach - Swiss alpine ski professionals Karin Roten (1996 Giant Slalom Vice-World Champion), Jörg Roten - 1995-7
* Seminars and lectures for tennis coaches - USA, Japan, Mexico, Europe - since 1993
* Tennis lectures at the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports at Komenskeho University, Bratislava / Slovak Republic - 1993-4
* Producer "A Tennis Champion Is Born" - documentary movie & video broadcasted Europe-wide and sold world-wide - 1994-5
* Writer - Tennis related instructional and educational articles - Czech Republic, Switzerland, Germany, USA - since 1991
* MGB Management & Marketing - tennis facility, program and marketing consulting - Switzerland, since 1999
* MABARO Management International sro./LLC - sports education, sports marketing consulting, real estate consulting - Prague/Czech Rep, 1992-3
* Tennis Promotion - Consulting for HEAD, ADIDAS - Czech Republic, 1991-3
* Tennis Club Board - TC Aquaviva Leukerbad / Switzerland - Vice-President/Director of Competition, since 1999; TC Slavia Prague / Czech Republic - Junior Commitee Chairman, 1988-90
* ITF's Federation Cup - Member of Organizer Team / Referee's Office - Prague / Czechoslovakia, 1986
* Sports Doctor of the Czech National Training Center for Biathlon - Jablonec / Czech Republic, 1990-1 (as military service)
* Grassroots and public events - Czech Rep., Switzerland, USA, since 1990
* Tournament Director - Swiss National Tournaments, since 1999

Significant Tennis Innovations:


"Private Video Tennis School" - 1991 - Documentation of players ongoing technical development for further references

"Dynamic Total Body Tennis" (DTBT) - First presented in 1996, continuously updated health-conscious tennis teaching system with efficient body use for each stroke

"Last 20% Decide It All" - 2003 - Effects of full engagement at quality of the tennis strokes and the performance outcome

September 24, 2008

The Four Swordsmen

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Ben Erickson, USPTA, Tennis Professional, Punahou School,
Honolulu, Hawaii shows a fun and fast game of "The Four Swordsmen."

September 21, 2008

Andy Murray's Return

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Lee Couillard, USPTA, Head Tennis Professional, Punahou School, Honolulu, Hawaii shows a quick tip on the return of serve. In this video we can see the return of serve position of Andy Murray, the 2008 US Open Men's finalist. Andy starts out with a very deep, behind the baseline position, but quickly moves into the court to attack the return.

September 20, 2008

Hold the Finish

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At the 2008 USPTA World Conference in La Quinta, Calilfornia, Dr. Martin Baroch explains the importance of "remaining in the finish" of your follow through. All elite players have extended, longer finishes than recreational players.


MGB Sports GmbH/LLC was formed in summer 2001 under the Swiss law as the corporate structure over the international teaching and global educational activities and services provided by Dr. Martin G. Baroch (MGB). In the fall of 2007 also the internet activities around the new social networks www.MyTennisWorld.net and www.MySkiWorld.net are running under the roof of the MGB Sports GmbH/LLC.
MBTA & HPC daily programs at our base in Horgen, Switzerland are run privately directly by Dr. Martin G. Baroch (MGB).

All of our services are primarily offered at our base in Horgen, Switzerland (near Zurich) but can be brought to you anywhere in the world upon request.

MGB focuses on three (3) main areas:

1) Martin Baroch Tennis Academy (MBTA) - provides comprehensive tennis training programs, consulting and related education for professional tennis players, motivated players of all ages with high ambitions at any level of the play and cutting edge education programs, as well as seminars/consulting for tennis coaches/teachers. The tennis training at any level of the play is based on MBTA's own, worldwide acclaimed, most body efficient and health conscious "Dynamic Total Body Tennis" (DTBT) system, which incorporates the "Last 20% Decide It All!!!" neuro-muscular principles necessary for reaching the ultimate success in tennis (besides all other fields...). Most dedicated local tournament players from our program can enter the MBTA-COMPETITION TEAM. A significant part of our efforts also goes towards worldwide activities supporting the quality growth of the game of tennis the world over - DTBT World Tour, Coaches Education.

2) Martin Baroch Human Performance Center (MBHPC) - provides complex health-conscious performance enhancement programs, guidance/coaching, consulting and related education for performers (mainly professionals) in different sports, demanding businesses and special fields (Performance Coaching) as well as in other areas of life including healthy lifestyle & nutrition (Life Coaching).

3) MGB Management & Marketing (MGBMM) - offers a wide range of comprehensive management and consulting services in tennis and other sports and related business fields ranging from player/athlete career build-up, representation/promotion and management over investment opportunities and insurance questions up to consulting for the tennis associations, tennis resort and facility management. Because of our global operations, MGBMM can build on far reaching referral contacts not only in the tennis and sports industries worldwide, but also in many other related

September 8, 2008

Kuznetsovaʻs "Lasso"

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Lee Couillard, USPTA, Head Tennis Professional, Punahou School highlights Svetlana Kuznetsova from this years 2008 US Open. In these clips we see the many follow throughs of Svetlana, including the "Lasso" finish. Video footage shot in HD.

September 5, 2008

Follow Through Misconception

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Lee Couillard, USPTA, Head Tennis Professional explains the importance of the follow through and how it is an "INDICATOR" and is "SITUATION SPECIFIC." This footage is from the 2008 US Open. Pay special attention to the follow through of Elena Dementieva, the 2008 Gold Medalist winner at this years Beijing Olympics, Stanislas Wawrinka and Marin Celic.