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February 25, 2012

Weak & Strong Volley Grips

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Lee Couillard, USPTA, Head Tennis Professional, Punahou School, explains the differences between weak and strong volley grips.

February 14, 2012

Weak Hands = Weak Player

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"Git a Grip" - Lee Couillard, USPTA 2012 Hawaii Convention

Testing Hand Grip-Strength using a Hand Dynamometer.

I. Weak Hands = Weak Player. There is no such thing as a player with weak hands and a strong body, it doesn't work that way!
a. The grip is the only part of the racket that you make contact with.
b. Grip affects the release point.

ll. There are 35 muscles involved in movement of the forearm and hand, with most of these involving gripping activities.
a. Flexor vs extensor
b. Hand is a pliers - test thumb to fingers
c. Every angle must be trained. Body Posture
d. Various studies show that grip strength is greater with less flexion in the elbow.

III. Circadian Rhythm (Body Clock)
a. Peak Performance throughout the day with peaking in men in the late afternoon. (Cappert, 1999)

IV. Gender Differences
a. Males
b. Females

V. Nutrition
a. This simple method of non-invasive measurement may provide nutritionists and medical professionals with valuable screening data, prior to further more invasive testing.

VI. Racket Technology
a. Light vs Heavy
b. Tennis Elbow

VII. Grip Classification, Grip Size
a. Strong Grips
b. Weak Grips
c. Neutral Grips

VIII. Soft Power
a. Manual Dexterity
b. Touch and Dexterity

IX. Best training exercises.
a. Dead lifts, Kettle balls, Ropes, Tug-O-War, Pull-ups, etc.

February 8, 2012

Marty Fish - Sports Science Analysis

ESPN Sports Science analysis of Marty Fish's serve. Click here to watch the video.