May 31, 2013

Punahou School Tennis Complex

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The newly renovated tennis complex was completed in May, 2013. A Big Mahalo to all our donors.

January 7, 2009

Punahou School

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Hawaii Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation & Dance workshop at the University of Hawaii with trainer Lee Couillard.

May 7, 2006

Introduction to Tennis Pod Pro Videos publishing platform

Short video clip by Tennis Pod Pro developer Lee Couillard.

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March 28, 2006

About Pod Pros

A Pod Pro is the next generation tennis teaching professional. Young consumers are often the architects of change in our profession. Tennis Pod Pro Videos wants to include you by offering to publish your videos in our podcast. Amateur or professional film makers can take advantage of this service. This "low-fi production" is what fits the purpose of this platform. It is the content of the video and not necessarily the quality of the video that matters. However, please talk while you're video-taping to explain the drills as quickly as you can.

Podcasting is free and there is no limit to the number of videos you can submit. Multiple submissions are encouraged. Keep in mind that the video filming landscape is changing. In 2006, it's been all about "close-ups." Movie makers are now making films to specifically fit on a small screen like an iPod. Keep this in mind when filming your video. After you submit a video, you do not have to visit this site again. All videos are updated on your iTunes library immediately through the Podcast. You will also appreciate the fact that you can take your ipod on the go and view it when you can give it your full attention.

Take your video camera on court and shoot your favorite video drill. Most digital cameras can shoot a MPEG4, AVI or MOV short video. Any one minute drill, tip or game can be sent through e-mail. If your video needs more than one minute you may have to send it separately, in one minute segments to be spliced together later. Or, you can put the video on a CD or mini-dv and mail it in. Your internet server may limit the size of e-mail that can be sent. Please check your internet providers limit on the size of e-mail that you can send.

If you are an advanced computer movie maker, follow these step by step instructions to get your video published:

1. Shoot a 1 minute video on your digital camera or movie camera.
2. Download it on to your desktop.
3. Open iTunes and select "Video"
4. Drag the video into the iTunes screen and it will upload.
5. Select "Advanced"
6. Scroll down and select "Convert Selection for iPod"
7. Two movies will appear on your "Video Library", drag the converted MPEG4 file back on to your desktop.
8. Send it as an E-mail attachment to:

Punahou's e-mail maximum limit is 11 megs, about a minute of compressed video. However, free e-mail services such as Hot Mail have a 2 meg limit.

E-mail your video to: or
transfer your video onto a CD or mini-dv and mail it to:

Lee Couillard
2009 Puowaina Drive
Honolulu, HI 96813

For a small editing fee we can add services such as splicing, split-screening, titles or voice over to your video.

Contribute to Pod Pros

Know a tip that we haven't shown on this site? Feel like you could improve on an existing video we have here? Let us know!

Our vision is to enable users from around the globe to participate in this site. We invite you to send us Tennis-related videos. Click here to read more about participating in this movement.

March 27, 2006

Welcome Future Pod Pros

iPod tennis pros publishing platform is not for profit or commercial use.

Please note: For viewing any of the videos full screen, please go to the iTunes Music Store and click on "Podcasts" and enter "Tennis Pod Pro Videos" in the search field.

Do you have a favorite Tennis Drill, Game or Tip? Would you like to feature your favorite tennis video drill, tip or game on this site for free?

This site, along with its link to Apples iTunes podcast is where you can share your favorite Tennis Drill, Game or Tip via the internet. We would like to feature you and all you need to do to get your one to two-minute drill, game or tip published is to send it in.

What is Podcasting? Podcasting is a great new way of distributing video and audio automatically. These files can then be copied on to your iPod.

What is the cost? Free, however, you must download iTunes on to your computer for viewing video files on iTunes and the iPod. When you submit a podcast it is uploaded to iTunes and updated automatically.

If you do not download iTunes you may only view the Drills, Tips & Games off this site. These are Quicktime clips and in order to view these clips you must download Quicktime. This PC/Mac download is free:

What is this concept? For the first time, certified professionals, college, high school coaches and park and recreation instructors can access drills, tips and games "On Demand." This idea was brought about by my concern for tennis teachers who may not have access to this kind of information.

Now, everyone can watch "Video Drills" in the palm of their hand. No more confusion with written or verbal lesson plans. This site is in its infancy, however, as it grows it will gain momentum and be a force of change in our profession. Same as you can personalize your library of music, you can now categorize all your video drills. This is the first website in the world to link "Video Drills" to the iTunes video library via the internet. With better informed teachers we will ultimately help "Grow the Game."

For your players; put your "strategies and tactics" or an inspirational word from Dr. James Loehr or Dr. Jack Groppel on your ipod and take it on the court. Train your students to be productive and view the clips during rest periods and when practicing on their own.

Podcasting meets the needs of the ever fast paced society we have created. Now, whether your waiting for your next appointment or sitting on a train, bus or plane, you can view downloads when and where you want. The newest iPod holds 60 gigabytes, about 150 hours of video. With adapters, it can be hooked up to a TV set for presentations; no DVD, VHS player or computer needed.

There are also additional benefits that may apply to your specific club, service or product.

1. More frequent participation from members and the target audience.
2. Increased internet visibility & traffic from the RSS, Blog and podcasting directories.
3. Visual Communication medium is more powerful that text or audio. This means better potential results for the ultimate goal of "Growing the Game of Tennis".
4. Improved level of perceived expertise from our profession.
5. Newer professionals can now "show " future employers their teaching skills.

Who would benefit from Podcasting? Anyone in the tennis teaching profession. Teaching Professionals, Speakers, Tennis Directors can now network with other professionals via the internet.


Thank you for visiting the first website in the world to podcast free instructional tennis videos to the iTunes Music Store. Tennis Pod Pro Videos are a "featured" podcast on the sports home page of the iTunes Music Store. If you already have iTunes installed on your computer, you may go directly to the "podcast" to view all the free videos by clicking on the "Subscribe" button below. If you do not have iTunes installed, but would like to download iTunes, hit the "Subscribe" button below and iTunes will automatically download onto your computer.

Subscribe to the podcast (note: this link will open iTunes and subscribe you to the podcast).

We encourage you to browse the categories of videos that we have. Leave a comment on our site about a video you like or have opinions about. Get in on the discussion. Join the movement. You will need to download Quicktime to view the videos off this site. This is a free download.

As you can tell, this site (and its associated podcast) is about tennis. Our focus is on educational aspects of tennis and we try to populate this site with anything and everything that might help people improve their game. Currently, over 50,000 videos are downloaded each month and as of August, 2010 over 96 countries are viewing this site on a regular basis.

If you have any videos that are instructional and will help "Grow the Game" of tennis and would like to publish them on this site, please mail them to:

Lee Couillard, Head Tennis Professional
Punahou School
1601 Punahou Street
Honolulu, Hawaii 96822

The unique thing about this site is that all videos are formatted for use on the Video iPod. Imagine teaching your tennis students on the court, then whipping out your video iPod and showing them a short clip demonstrating what you're teaching. Imagine those students being able to view those instructional videos at their leisure. We believe this kind of access to tennis knowledge will do wonders for coaches, players, and the game in general.

Click here for more on the future with Tennis Video Podcasts

**Tennis Pod Pro Videos is not for profit or commercial use.

March 1, 2006


Lee Couillard hosts Tennis Pod Pro Videos.

Learn all the secrets of the pros as well as methods of teaching the basics to beginners. All this and more is here, all captured in short one- to two-minute clips.

This podcast is for everyone: from professionals to the interested novice. Videos are categorized and searchable. To learn more, visit